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The Greatness of RSS Feeds


Registered Member
Wondering what the heck RSS is and how to use it?

Well RSS stands for Realy Simple Sydication. In english it means to pull information from one site to another without having to litteraly update yours when theirs is changed. Its a nice addition to any news site or city site for weather and local news.

Getting used to rss can be quite the job, but it turns out in the end. I will provide a post with some information on using rss, if you'd like.


Registered Member
I have RSS Reader and it's a breeze to set up RSS feeds with. I don't know what I'd do without them to keep me up to date on the news. Plus I maintain a news site for one of the websites I do contract work for, and it saves me a ton of time in searching stuff out or reading millions of newsletters.

RSS rules! I might have to give your options a try and see if it's better than my current system, which is great, but sometimes won't add a feed because it sees an error. I haven't taken the time to try to figure out why it does that ... just found other ways to get the same news delivered to me. Just lazy I guess :tired: