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  1. Syndicate

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    Of all known and credited human beings, who do you feel has single handedly aided humanity's progression above all else?

    Also, in which field do you predict humanity's next historical progression will originate?
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  2. Major

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    Isn't ysbael the great human being of all time?
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  3. Xeilo

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    Chuck Norris? lol
  4. agphoenix

    agphoenix Everything goes.

    Mahatma Gandhi.
    - A man who single-handedly made an entire country and an Empire understand the meaning of 'resistance without violence'.
    Thousands of people were killed by the Empire that claimed power over his country. But during his lifetime as a saviour and a 'revolutionary', not a single person was killed in the invading Empire's populace.
    He asked his country to not lift a hand and kill anyone in order to get their rights, but to accept the pain until the suppressor realized his own injustices.
    He had the power to fast for a few days and announced to his country that he would not eat until the violence stopped. The country knelt and accepted.

    Once the Empire was pushed out, his own country separated into sects; sects that ended up destroying the same country he tried to save.

    I personally don't know if he single-handedly aided all of 'humanity's progression', but for those willing to see, he sure as hell showed us what can be achieved through living, and not killing.

    In 'which field do...(I)...predict humanity's next historical progression will originate?'

    Unfortunately I think only in the following:

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  5. Bliss

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    Alexander Graham Bell. Where oh where would I be without my telephone?

    I agree with phoenix on the answer to your second question... Unfortunately.
  6. ChromaticMike

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    Exactly what I thought.
  7. ysabel

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    Haha. The things I miss when I'm on vacation.

    Yeah, somehow I made it to sainthood. Watch out Jesus, next time I'd be elevated to Goddess status!:rofl:

    To answer the OP, maybe Galileo. After all he's considered Father of Science, Modern Physics, Observational Astronomy (and who knows what else). I think his works have contributed to technological advances we have now. So progression in terms of scientific revolution, he's one of THE guys. As for progression in terms of civilisation, I have no idea.
  8. ChromaticMike

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    My mum. She brought me into the world. That made humanity progress greatly. o_O Srsly.

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