The Greatest Ever




Check out this highlight video. One of my favorite clips.

Walter Payton always has been and always will be my favorite player ever. Greatest running back of all-time in my humble opinion (yes I know Jim Brown seems to be the consensus #1).

It's sad he's no longer with us. He was such a classy man and stand-up guy. It's a shame there aren't more athletes like him today.

A quick story to show you the kind of man he was. He died from a rare liver disease. Before he passed away he was offered to move up on the organ donar list because of how loved he was. He declined saying that it would mean someone else would die just so he could live. Class act all the way.

I love Mike Ditka but hated the fact he never let Payton score a TD in the Super Bowl. Everyone remembers Payton getting pulled from the goal-line so the Fridge could barrel through and score. Ditka said to this day that was his biggest regret as a coach.


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I totally agree, I believe that Payton is the best running back to ever suit for a NFL club, he had passion for the game, played every game like it was his last. He had awesome moves and great speed, and he was so strong as well. I am only 21 years old so I haven't actually seen him play, but I've read books, seen highlights, games and other clips of him, and other players like Brown and Dorsett and Sanders, and I still believe that Payton was the best.

He was such a good guy like you said Stoner, he cared for everyone, he was humble. I remember watching Boyond the Glory on him, and when they got to the part where he got that disease and he knew he was dying it just brought tears to my eyes. He was just a great overall person, one of a kind.

Side Note: I didn't know about the moving up the list, thank you for telling us.


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Barry Sanders is probably my favorite I did see him play. I cant make a judgement on a Running back if I hadnt see him play in the games.

LT is going to be great (he already is) but he will be with the elite.