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The Greatest Deck Recipe Ever created-Advanced! Wanna argue about it?



Monsters: 20

High level: 8

2x Horus the Black Flame Dragon lv8
2x Horus the Black Flame Dragon lv6
2x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Tyrant Dragon
Different Dimension Dragon

Low level:  12

Breaker the Magical Warrior
3x Lord of Dragons
3x Horus the Black Flame Dragon lv4
Magician of Faith
D.D. Warrior Lady
Spirit Reaper

Spells : 16

Premature Burial
Monster Reincarnation
Swords of Revealing Light
3x Level up!
2x The Flute of Summoning Dragon
Heavy Storm
Pot of Avarice
3x Heart of Clear Water
Lightning Vortex
Level Modulation
Cost Down

Traps: 5

Royal Decree
Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute
Raigeki Break

Ok, at first glance the high level to low level monster ratio looks bad but it really works out ok.  All of my high levels can be special summoned with this deck in one way or another.  At first I also had several cards that would special summon blue eyes such as kibaman and paladin of white dragon (also for attack effect) but they always ended up in my hand at the wrong time, and I am not going to add monsters like manju of the ten thousand hands because I want to stick to a horus theme.

The two stars of this deck are horus and lord of dragons.  Once my horus lv8 is out, along with a lord of dragons equiped with a heart of clear water, then only thing I have to worry about from the basic advanced deck is Mirror Force or torrential tribute, if I haven't already drawn my royal decree.

Sorry, forgot about that I meant to change it in posting.


the only issue I can see with this deck is that you risk having quite a few dead draws. however, I do like the idea and it will work really well if you have a good starting hand.


Ya, as Vato said you going to have dead draws and it also looks like some bad top decking draws also. >_>


it's a cute idea but realistically this deck is about as hard to win with then a well constructed e hero deck.requires luck and using resources quickly


Registered Member
Sorry man, that deck is more unstable than anti-matter. I want to tell you what is wrong with it, but I have no idea where to start. I'm tired right now but I'll be back after I get some sleep.


sorry, this deck isn't that great...take out the blue eyes...take the lord of d, take out the tyrant dragon (even though he's my fav) put some staple cards. exiled, dd warrior lady, sangan, just make this a horus deck