Writing The Great Writing Revival


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Come one, come all!

One of the most dead forums here has been this section and frankly, it's awful! We have some great voices on this site and I want people to start getting involved here. Writing is an excellent way to exercise your mind, burn off stress or simply get the creative juices flowing. As gross as that sounds.

Step 1: Prompts!
Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday there will be a new prompt posted! Prompts are made to help stimulate creativity and get you writing new material or practicing stuff you know. They will help you get warmed up and even get some new ideas! Some examples are:

Write as much as you can in ten minutes about a fantasy land using as many fantasy cliches as you can think of

A heinous crime has just taken place. Your character knew the victim and just found out. Now you're at the scene of the crime as police investigate. For ten minutes write from this person's perspective.

Lost in the woods, three friends are being hunted by a mysterious creature. Go!

Once again, these are simple, easy premises that are meant to be somewhat vague and open to all sorts of interpretation.

Step 2: The Lit Game!
A fellow GF member Chaos helped run the last lit game and I think it's about time for a new one! I'd like to hear ideas here and thoughts as to how we can run a new one and the topics you'd like to see discussed.

Step 3: Contests!
Each month we'll hold contests for the best writers, best stories, etc. All of this once again will be user driven! We want to build a strong foundation for this section and we want to create popularity too! As writers, we only improve with criticisms and readers. Some ideas include:

- Best Short Story
- Best Writer
- Best Poet
- Best Poetry
- Most Creative Writer
- Favorite Line from a Written Piece

Step 4: YOU!
The absolute number one way this revival works is with you! We need everyone, writers and non-writers alike! No matter what you enjoy, we want you to share it with us! There are all sorts of writing styles and things to write, for example:

- Fiction
- Non fiction
- Poetry
- Scriptwriting
- Playwrights

So join us! We want to hear from you and we want to share in our love of writing and creating content!


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I'm absolutely on board with this.

Writing is one of my favorite things, I have no idea if most people at GF know that. I don't have a degree or anything but I love it all the same.

I'm not really into much other than fiction writing, I certainly have an appreciation for a good non-fiction story and have done some fairly extensive poetry analysis in the past. (several of my friends write some dark stuff). My true passion will always lie with Fantasy though.


Creeping On You
I'm all for this. I love the prompts idea. One of my strengths is taking an idea and imagining a story and set of events based on that. If you tell me to write a story about a cow having a bad day, I can write about a cow having a bad day, in great detail. lol.

I look forward to this.


I'm serious
I really can't write, but I think this is an awsome idea and I would be interested to see how this goes. I'll participate by following what you all do. Really great idea Merc.


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I'm down. I lost a lot of stuff when my old hard drive killed itself and haven't felt especially motivated to write since. I could use an excuse.


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Don't be shy! This is for writers of any level, we want people to post and to have fun
Yep. It's for anybody to participate in. We're a friendly group here so don't think your work will be judged in a negative light.

I'm down. I lost a lot of stuff when my old hard drive killed itself and haven't felt especially motivated to write since. I could use an excuse.
We have two prompts up already! Only reason why we don't have more is because Merc's computer broke and he hasn't been able to get online much.

Heck. It's a Saturday. I'll go post a new prompt right now.


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I'm going to try and take part in this, and I may have a few ideas for it myself. I'd love it if this section was a little more active so I'll be doing my best to join in the fun. :)