The Great American Bash (2008) [SPOILERS]

There are spoilers listed here so don't be surprised!

Dark Match - Umaga defeated Mr. Kennedy

Hawkins & Ryder defeated John Morrison & The Miz, Finlay & Hornswoggle and Festus & Jesse for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Shelton defs. Matt Hardy for the US Title

That's it so far. I'll update along the way. What do you think of the GAB so far? I like that Shelton won and that Hawkins & Ryder won as well.
Y2J defs. HBK.

JBL defs. John Cena in a NYC Parking Lot Brawl.

CM Punk vs Batista ended in a double disqualification.

McCool defs. Nattie for the DiVas Championship.

Nooooooooo, Nattie lost! Why WWE, WHY!?!?

I'm sort of shocked that JBL won his match versus John Cena.


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I wish they would have let Punk keep the title on a clean win instead of a DQ, kind of shocked Cena lost as well figured they would be ready to start to push him back towards a title run. I will have to go read a more detailed breakdown so I can see more on what happened but thanks for the updates I had almost forgotten the GAB was on.
No problem.

Triple H defs. Edge

I was told that The Undertaker may have been teased with the sounding of his DONG music.

Triple H won, huh? Dang it. =P


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Yeah I was hoping Edge would win and he, Hawkins, and Ryder would continue being a stable...with gold!

Shelton winning is awesome, as is Hawkins/Ryder, as is Delany betraying Dreamer. Wouldn't of seen that coming a mile away.

I look forward to Kane going after Punk. :)
LOL @ Colin betraying Dreamer. I mean, seriously, COLIN betraying Dreamer? That was very funny and can't wait to see what Dreamer does to him next week. Hahaha

I'm most happy with Ryder & Hawkins along with Shelton. I suspect that Shelton might come out next week bragging about how he beat Matt and thus it starts a feud with Jeff Hardy on SmackDown! for the title.

Shelton defs. Matt Hardy for the US Title
Michael Hayes was seen crying backstage. :lol:


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I'm really surprise that JBL won against Cena, I have a feeling that there's going to be a rematch at Summerslam. Y2J vs HBK isn't over yet, there's going to be a match at Summerslam as well. I had a feeling that Batista was going to win the title, but I was wrong, I didn't expect Kane to interfeer. Triple H winning isn't a big shocker, but I'm sure this rivalry isn't over.

I'm very glad that Shelton won the title, hopefully he's going to get the push he deserves now.