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The good and bad things about Christmas


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The Bad: Well we did have an epic ice storm disaster 3 years ago that really messed up Christmas. And there's always more fights (usually 2 of my **** cousins!) and having to get dressed up and deal with relatives (too much!).

The Good: No school! :D All the presents! All the awesome food and pies and stuff! Snow! Well, when we get some. All the awesome lights! Snowboards and Ice Forts! Awesome chunes (usually metal, techno, or screamo)! Well, some crunk too, lol! Banana trees and pineapples (long story, lol)! Omg! Endless list 4 sure!
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The Bad things about Xmas is that every year some people seemed to be surpised by the numbers of people who can't afford to HAVE a Xmas..and the marketing side of it, which is so away from the Xmas Spirit.

The good sides are the smiles of the kids, the colours, the tree, the fact that Xmas manage still to change the way some people thinks and make them do small change for the best of the community.


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The Good:
Watching my children and grandchildren open their gifts from me :)
Seeing all the light displays in all the many towns!
Feeling like it's a magical time....almost like being a little girl.......

The Bad:
Not having my Mother here to share it with me.


Haters gonna hate.
Good: EVERYTHING. Nothing is bad. I enjoy the gifts, the music, the snow... everything.


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Bad: family obligations and bad Xmas music and it gets dark at 5 p.m. and static electricity.
Good: Manheim Steamroller music, snow, cold weather, presents, Xmas lights, cooking, evergreens, hugs, Superbowl fever, slippers, hot chocolate with rum, fur, peppermint schnapps, presents, brandy, scarves, cognac, boots, and rum.


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Good: Everything, besides what I'm about to write in 'bad'. It's my favourite holiday within my favourite time/month of the year... what's not to like! Me and my dad are dorks when it comes to Christmas, he always goes over the top (I'm talking 7 foot inflatables in the garden type over the top) and I like seeing him happy. Not just him obviously, but everyone seems to be happier during the holidays. And then of course there's the lights and food and weather and stuff like that. I can even just about tolerate the cheesy music.

Bad: I love giving presents to people but actually trying to decide what to get them prior to that is usually a nightmare for me.


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I don't see much that's bad with Christmas outside of having to buy gifts. It isn't like I don't want to give gifts to people...it's just never knowing what they want. I need to know specifically what people want because I'm not clever enough to come up with something myself.

The good...so many things. It's easily my favorite holiday. The lights, the tree, the decorations, snow etc. My parents gave me their extra tree and some lights too so that's pretty exciting.