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Xbox 360 The Godfather


Registered Member
anyone else have this game? I think it's pretty good so far. It starts out playing as a movie, a man, loyal to Don Corleone and the Family, is killed. His son sees this and then the Don does, and the Don tells the boy when the time is right his anger will turn to revenge. The movie jumps forward to the day of his daughters wedding, and the Don sends Luco Braza to find the boy after his mother tells the Don that the boy needs his help. Thats when the game really starts, you learn the basics from Luco. I like the gameplay, it's like GTA in the sense that you can do what you want or you can do missions... What do you think of this game?


New Member
i played this game, my friend has it on X360. personally, i like the scarface game more( i have that) what i like about the godfather though is that you can break peoples necks. i think it seems quite realistic especcially to a mafia guy.


New Member
the godfather was a good game, but I got bored with it fairly quickly. I too prefer Scarface. The only thing is, they should make a scarface for the 360/ps3! :nod:


Registered Member
I heard the graphics were phenomenal on this game? Is there HD support?