Nintendo 64 The glitchiest game of all time.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by dDave, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. dDave

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    For a long time now I have heard of Donkey Kong 64 being the most glitchy game of all time. I actually have evidence to support this

    I know of plenty of glitches that are not supposed to be there.

    1. Use Lankys long arms to get into levels that you don't have enough bananas to go to yet

    2. In Jungle Japes play as chunky and to to the 5 warp area with the giant sea shell, use the big chunky barrel. Jump into the top of the turtle shell

    3. As chunky kong in the general DK isle area (the whole place including fairy island and K Rool's ship, use the big chunky barrel on the small island next to fairy island, then go to the huge steps (only 2 steps)that lead from the main ground (sand) of DK isle up to the Aztec Entrance, these stairs are black and are right next to the pineapple switch with a golden banana behind it. jump barely onto the top of the second step just enough to slip off, jolt the joystick forward and you should fall underneath DK isle. From here you can go to K. Rools control room that you see in all of the movies by walking under the middle of the island. You can also go and sneak into fairy rock using this glitch with chunky kong. You can get yourself into various places like this, but be careful or you might have to reset because you trapped yourself.

    4. As Donkey Kong go to fairy rock, go to the very tip of the island slightly after the land meets the water. You will slip off of the side if you go far enough, push the joystick forward or backward (I can't remember) and DK will swim through the island.

    I remember something about banana #101 for Diddy Kong In Jungle Japes but I can't remember.

    If you know any cool glitches post them here.

    Try and disproving Donkey Kong 64 as the glitchiest game of all time, I'll bet that you can't do it.
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  2. SamusAran86

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  3. dDave

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    No no I have done all of those glitches myself, but I still have quite a few more for Donkey Kong 64, but I do however believe that the rabbit is used to get to the second bowser, am I wrong? There's also the falling through the floor in Crystal Caves as Donkey Kong in the rotation house, or as Tiny Kong taking down K. Rool easily by continuously shooting, or by simultaneously tapping some buttons you can get to the top of K. Rools ships head inside the crown.
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    yes, I just forgot, but there is also a way to get to the first bowser before you get enough stars to get through the door, there used to be a vid of that up but cant seem to find it
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  6. SamusAran86

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    thats not the glitch I was talking about, that looks more like a GS (gameshark hack)

    also says tool assisted... I hate these
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    to be honest i never came across any of these...don't know if that is a good or bad thing. :)
  8. Major

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    Grand Theft Auto III
  9. dDave

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    I never heard much about Grand Theft Auto III but i have heard about some major glitches in Mario Kart 64, Mario 64, Pokemon games, and if you count shooting through the wall in multiplayer in perfect dark to kill people then Perfect Dark also has some true glitches.

    Ocarina of time had a few but not many.
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  10. Major

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    Depends what you mean by glitchiest game. Most of the games people are listing, the average gamer is very unlikely to encounter any/many of the glitches. Like Metroid Prime, there's a shitload of glitches in that game, but unless you actually know what they are and how to use them, you're never going to see any.

    Glitchiest game to me means a game that you're likely to encounter several glitches just playing through the game regularly. GTA III is that game for me. The game crashes a lot, cars disappear, etc.
    I just realized this was in the N64 section. But I still stand by what I posted.
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