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The GF Project: Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor


not a plastic bag
I was thinking of the 2 kids jailed for making jokes on fb. There is a thread in MD about it. I've been thinking all day about the horror these kids are going through. I've got an idea that is completely nuts and most people will say will never work, but I've been reading about Fredrick Douglas and I believe great movements are started by the most unlikely and unassuming people.

I'm not saying I'm willing to start this. I just want to get a response. First, familarize yourself with the stories before reading further:
‘Concussions, Black Eyes…Put in Solitary Confinement, Nude, for Days’: TX Teen Jailed for Facebook Comment Reportedly Suffering Behind Bars, on Suicide Watch | Video | TheBlaze.com
Josh Pillault, the Original Justin Carter | National Review Online

Here's my question. Would you support massive civil disobience if you thought there was a chance to help these kids and slow down our eroding civil liberties? If 50,000 or 100,000 people agreed to do the same would you post exactly what they posted on your fb? Would you then call authorities and report other people that made the same post? Would you be willing to go to jail(LIFE)? Would you be willing to spend your fortune defending yourself(FORTUNE)? Would be be ok with losing a lot of friends that didn't understand(SACRED HONOR)?

In NO way am I saying I want to start this movement. Frankly, I'm not so sure I could go through with it. At the same time, I believe firmly that if a lot of people did it. And we demanded action, these kids could walk out of prison.

What say you GF? Are you going to talk about it and get mad, maybe sign a stupid petition. Or are you willing to do something?


Registered Member
I might consider something like that, but that probably isn't how I would do it. If I was to protest something (and those aren't necessarily the ones I would protest), I would want to spend a lot of time first figuring out the best way to go about it.


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I'm a bit confused by this situation. Are you asking if we'd be willing to do something (alongside 100,000 others) similar to what these 2 kids did?

I see it as much more useful to not get myself into trouble like that in the first place (especially given that we know how the authorities may react). But in general I do think that massive civil disobedience is something that I would consider. Isn't this called revolution in some countries? (er, well it's at least how a revolution starts) It's kinda hard to say until you get into a situation pertaining to something that you're extremely passionate about.