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The GF Mansion


Secret Agent
Staff member
If GF was a mansion in Beverly Hills and a large amount of people could rent rooms in it each month and pretty much have 24/7 GF live, would you want to live there assuming you could afford it?

Why or why not?

And yes, it would have a pool, a bar, a theater room, a gym including a basketball court, and a giant GF shaped hedge maze for when conversing became to boring.


(No, I am not planning this, this is just a late night thread idea)


blue 3
You better believe that I'd live there. I think it'd be a blast to see so many users. Plus a bar? How could I say no? Better make sure to add a bunch of sick HD tv's and xbox 360's, ps3's and such. Could we play mafia everyday?


I would probably be content with visiting regularly. If there is one thing I have observed in my time in college, it's that living with room mates has the potential to ruin friendships.

If the rental fee was very cheap, then I might consider it, but like I said, I'd be content visiting.


Sally Twit
I wouldn't want to live there 24/7 but I'd take a lot of holidays there I imagine. It'd be pretty cool to walk into a big mansion and know I was going to bump into a fellow GF'er.
The reason I wouldn't want to live there 24/7 is because I'd still want my privacy with Synd! :)


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I would humbly refuse. To much arguing over how to do things such as clean and cook and way to much drama for my liking.


Epic Gamer
Negative. I'm a lot cooler online than I am in real life. :cool:

Besides - black cloaks aren't easy to wash. I'd have to keep all my laundry seperate. :D :lol:


Epic Gamer
That's a good point...if there's a bar...do we get discount/free drinks? I could be persuaded to make an appearance, provided I get my own little corner of the bar, seperate from the rest of the lower class individuals of GF.

Oh, and I don't want a barman/maid - I want one of those robots like the one on Fifth Element that hovers nearby asking "Do You Want Some More" repeatedly in a toneless robotic voice. If you can promise me that, Hyb, then I'll be a constant drop-in visitor. :D


No Custom Title Exists
"Paying the rent" can be VIP ;)

I would live there, considering I've got a Life VIP, ta da! Free rent!
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