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The German cold war


Registered Member
The German government demanded the removal of the CIA Chief in Berlin after one of their own spies passed classified documents to the US and Russia. He was paid for the information and is being charged with treason. The article didnt say about any response to Russia and theres nothing in the Russian news except Zhirinovsky wants a cow in his back yard LOL!

K. But why is Germany bashing the US again if it was their spy that was acting as a double agent? And even taking money to do it.



Free Spirit
Staff member
Maybe they are angrier at the US because the NSA was listening in on Merkel's calls at one time or maybe it could be we know they spied on us. Since they, Germans, listened in on Hillary's phone calls maybe they know what was in her emails. However any government will take information on another if offered so they should just be mad at their spy.


Well-Known Member
The US out and out arranged to receive stolen documents from an ally. Do you expect Germany to sit still for that?