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The Generic Stuff


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When it comes to certain items in your life you need, do you try and save money and buy generic??
Or do you buy name brands all the way??
I will buy a few generic items, but for the most part, I prefer name brands.
One thing that I definitely do not ever buy generic, is toilet tissue!
Some of that cheap shit, is not good.....I wouldn't even call it asswipe!
I buy only Quilted Northern.
And I won't buy generic laundry detergent either......there is a huge difference there.
What are some items you will...or will not...buy generic??


It really depends on what I'm using it for and if it's worth the money I spend on it for a certain period of time.

The only thing items I buy brand for sure are the self-care products like creams/shampoos and stuff like that.
Other things can be either.
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Heh... I buy generic toilet tissue... Otherwise I might aswell use money for that purpose...

As you, I do not buy generic laundry detergent.
Pefume is one thing too, of course, that always has to be branded. Make-up is something strictly branded and usually very expensive (except for 120 manly palette I have treated myself to, which I might make a thread about to girly girls hehe). Oh oh, toothpaste, toothbrushes... Most cleaning stuff in my house are of THE CHOSEN brands.

I don't care for clothes as long as the quality is good, I like the style and it looks tidy (don't like the cheap stuff that pretends to be branded though. Very pretentious and shallow). Shoes as well. As long as they look nice. Even the quality here matters little, because I destroy my shoes in an impressive period of time (I might be too old for it, but I still do impulsively climb some tree or fence, kick a random stone on my path or jump into a puddle...)


I guess I don't have a preference either way. I buy generic and name brand, neither really anymore than the other. Probably just depends on which is the closest. Haha.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Depends on the product. I find that for most things the name brands are of much better quality. With food, the name brands almost always taste better. Actually, I almost always get name brand stuff.


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Fuck Generic...

May be cheaper, but i'd take quality anyday. Take toilet paper for an example, after taking a shit, you want to clean your ass afterwards, if you have generic toilet paper on the scroll, it'll most likely be as thin as tissue, therefore ripping apart easily and getting bits stuck on your ass, resulting in more hassle.

Brand names are better, they specialise in what they are selling, a toilet paper rand will specialise in toilet paper, and will try to make their name more successful over the other toilet paper companies.


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I buy generic food a lot of the time. It pretty much tastes the same, and a lot of the time the ingredients are better for you. People like name brand foods for the taste, but most of the time the food has been processed to taste that way.
You're right about toilet paper though, you can't cheap out or else you'll go through a roll a day.


I'll buy some things generic. Paper towels, dish washing liquid, cleaning supplies, things like that. It's the same ingredients as in the name brand. As for food products, there are some thing that I prefer the store brand for. I do most of my grocery shopping at Kroger, and I buy Kroger brand bread because it's cheaper and it tastes great. Same thing with most of my bread products, like burger/hot dog buns, bagels, things like that. I'll also buy the store brand for regular pasta. Basically I'll buy the store brand for things that are very simple. The more complex it gets, I tend to stick with name brands.
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