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Every time I end up browsing in one of my favourite video game stores, there is a familiar event that always happens to me. I think that it is a pretty foolish way to think, but here I go.

As an example, I will describe what happened to me earlier. Minding my own business and looking at preowned PS3 games, a family came in with their son and daughters. The son was a typical (dare I say it), rather common eleven-year-old in his full-body tracksuit, baseball cap, white trainers and a smugness about him. I shrugged the sight off, assuming that he was yet another pre-teen that was out to convince his mother that Grand Theft Auto IV wasn't as bad as she might have previously assumed.

But then it happened. My ears perked up instantly when I heard him state in a puzzling remark, "I wan'...uh, wha's i' called...Heavy Rain, I think.' You can only imagine the surprise on my face: a young boy, who looked like he would grow up chasing skirts at fifteen and loving fast cars, was perusing a video game store for (what I consider) a mature, developed, story-driven film device with characterisation, harsh QTE and a compelling script. All of this, because one of his "mates" thought it might be cool.

Perhaps this is some serious prejudice on my part, making this whole thread entirely wrong. But I put the question to everyone:

Have you been in a similar situation? Was it a pleasent one, or did it make you grin in silence?


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I've been in a few of those moments, and can I ask why it annoys you, if it does?

I usually laugh at some of the kids. For some reason, I find it amusing when a kid comes in with his parents and no matter how many times he cries or whines, the parents won't let up, now that makes me laugh haha.

In relation to your story, there was one time where this kid came in literally begging his parents to get him a PS3, but the parent wanted to get the Wii, because A) it's cheaper, and B) it looks more family friendly, which seems logic. The kid than said to his mom "Everyone at school has a PS3, the other kids will laugh if they find out I've got a gay as hell Wii".



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I laugh when a kid my age is looking at nintendo games. hahahaha

Whats even funnier is a young kid looking at PS3 games, while the kid my age is looking at nintendo games. LOLs


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It doesn't really bother me about anyone buying a game if it doesn't fit their age group. The typical reason why I feel that is okay in my eyes is because I expect them to know what they are getting out of the game. What does bother me is the example you gave of someone questioning what they want and relying on someone else advice about a game and thinking that it might be good because someone else told them that it was good.


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I think the shock from my disappointingly un-harrowing tale that I was trying to get across was just the initial reaction that one gets from a someone that, at first glance, appears to not fit the game that they buy. I apologise again if I sounded somewhat prejudice but I was aiming towards Magnum's premise: that some gamers just do not appear to fit some games.

It is not an annoyance either - just makes me giggle.


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The kid than said to his mom "Everyone at school has a PS3, the other kids will laugh if they find out I've got a gay as hell Wii".
That is priceless :lol:

More and more I'm becoming amazed by how peoples tastes in music, film and videogames are in no way reflected by their age, gender or fashion sense.


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#7 should've seen the kid it was EPIC! It was hard not to laugh lol...and yeah supposedly so I guess, age will definitely NOT be a factor in which determines our tastes and what included hehe.


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On the flipside, I can tell you that a lot of people's perceptions of what I buy is a lot different.

Honestly, I don't really know what they expect me to buy or anything...but when I went into Game Stop recently and I started talking in depth about armor capabilities, weapons, etc in Halo Reach with one of the store clerks that didn't get to play the Beta.

The shock on his face was priceless.


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It's just my experience that guys don't expect me to be into FPS...or be knowledgeable about different types of armor or guns in a game. But I think it's more of a gender thing. They don't expect me to know because I'm a chick.