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SEGA The Game Lolo


Registered Member
I remember this game Lolo I played when I was really young. Out of all the games I had, I remember playing this one the most. It was A really cool game. But, I never really had a lot of games for the GameGear really. But, I enjoyed the heck out of Lolo and its the game I really only remember playing.
I've played a couple of the Lolo games on NES. I don't really remember how the gameplay was, but I do remember not liking it very much.

The only games I had for GameGear were Sonic 2, Terminator 2, and Bubble Bobble. I actually beat Bubble Bobble on a long road trip, too. Good game.


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I had it for NES years ago, but like RossDude I don't remember much about the gameplay. I do know that I liked the game, to tell the truth.