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Sony The Future of PlayStation (Feb 20th)


So who here is doing back flips waiting for the 20th of this month? I know I am, I cannot wait to see what's next for the PlayStation Brand.

Let me back track just for a sec. A week or so ago Sony blast the world with the news that they were going to announce the future of PlayStation. Here is a 45 second teaser for the event. They are hoping to start a hash-tag for the event, If your say so Sony.

#PlayStation2013 - YouTube

Is anyone counting the days or are you waiting for the new xbox? Are you even interested in these consoles?

Some rumors surrounding the new PlayStation are that it will cost about 400 usd and that they are trying to implement a small touch screen where the start and select button are at on the dual shock 3. The biggest rumor is that there will be a share button on the controllers touch screen. The new PlayStation is rumored to always be recording the last fifteen minutes of your game play. So if you get that epic kill in call of duty you can press the share button and it will allow you to edit your video to some extent. Now your video is ready to post on youtube or facebook or what have you.

Does any of this sound amazing?

Sorry for the read, let me hear your thought below!

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I made a post quite a while ago about the PS Orbis (PS4 codename) and the XBOX 720/Durango.

I'm very interested to see what Microsoft and Sony can conjure up in terms of sheer power. They haven't really been known for tons of innovation in the industry, but the power of their consoles speaks for itself. I want to see how the Wii U compares (though I will be getting a Wii U anyway)