The future of human civilization

i was watchin the matrix for the first time and thought what would be in store for our future as a species. At first most likely stem cell research would be approved but restricted to some degree. Then when nuclear fusion is discovered a whole new era of technology will sprout. Most likely space exploration will be the new goal since we have a new source of energy. By then hopefully there wont be any wars and we'll finally realize were fighting for the wrong reasons and learn that life and the future existence of our species is far more important than all. And after that who knows maybe we'll learn more about our purpose and god.

Anyways thats my theory on the future, i'd like to read any other theories or comments so plz feel free


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The whole approach of human kind is based on FALSE HOPE that future generations wont make those mistakes which we have commited.........and this false hope we keep to justify our greed, crimes, killing animals, destroying forests and what have you.........human extinction is very much imminent but this time nature will not be responsible unlike last time, but this time its due to ours mis-deeds that will eventually kill us.
any more points are welcomed.


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Well, either we will destroy ourselves in a Nuke-fest, or we will learn to work together for the greater good.

Take space exploration for example, and maybe even space colonization. I don't know about you guys, but if it was possible, it would certainly be cool to live in a "green house" world on the moon. If we take space exploration and space technology seriously, just think where we could be 50 years from now?


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Human race would be lucky enough to survive 50 years from hence.
Space colonies is a nice idea but very few fortunate and filthy rich would be able to escape this planet.


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Yes, but if the technology became mainstream and highly developed like the computer industry has become, who knows? Maybe you could simply fly over to your local space craft dealer and purchase your very own rocket ship. :)


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If we were to start colonization of other planets, then we would obviously have plenty of energy. I don't think it would just be the rich who would get to go. We would need families as well as tech workers if the colony was to survive.

I'd like to have my own space ship too, that would be awesome


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Obviously right now colonization on any other planet is impossible, we first need to find a much less expensive way to go into space, I have always wondered what having an extremely powerful magnet would do if we started using the technology to blast off into space. We would have to transport water, food, resources, etc, in order for any colony on other planets to live, but of course, Mercury is too close to the sun and everything would shrivel up and die, Venus has the hottest temperature of any planet because of it's greenhouse effect atmosphere, Earth already supports the entire human race, Mars is difficult to get to, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all gas balls and just in order to get there you have to go through an asteroid belt.

I don't think that it would be good to have civilizations on other planets, can you imagine what would happen if war broke out in space? the results would be unthinkably disastrous.

The only places in space that we can live on or in are the moon, Mars, and satellites. Then we would also run into the problem of having Earth support enough food

There are plenty of dents that need to be kinked out before we can even consider this

But it would be pretty cool...


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Mars is difficult to get to
Of course it takes a long time to get there and costs billions of dollars, but relative to the other planets it's probably the easiest one. Plus, scientists believe they could terraform Mars to make it habitable for humans and other life. Of course something like that would take thousands of years, so we'd never be around to see it. But I definitely think that humans will colonize other planets or moons someday in the future, whether 5,000 years from now, or 5 million years from now.


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If the world keeps going the way it is i think we are going to witness the 3 world war... seriously... I doubt that everybody will get along... there are too many people with different personalities and different tastes for everybody to get along..

That's just what i think...