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The future of games is MORE random stats items


Allow for a quick explanation. See the following image:

As you can see in this image the Atk is 772 with Hit being -145. Those numbers are variables. Depending on what the shop keeper has, where the item drops and the rank of the item, the number for both of those statistics can change. It's a good thing! That means you can play the game longer by looking for the weapon with the best stats.

More games need to start doing this instead of the one-time stats set upon the weapon. Having it that way is just closing a door to what otherwise would be a great time hunting and searching. If it adds a bit more fun to the game I'm all for it.

Games that have this feature: Borderlands, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

- Do you like random statistics on weapons and gear?
- Do you think more games should incorporate this mechanic?
- If you dislike it, please explain why.
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Formerly "Maikeru"
Well stats are the soul of RPG's. That is a feature that has been on for almost 20 years or so.


Oh, I'm referring to stats that can be randomly generated. Ex:

Tucker's Sword: 1 ATK, 2 DEX, 1 STA

In a normal game those stats wouldn't change. What I'm talking about is when you go to the shop keepers, find the weapon on an enemy or obtaining it any other way the stats are always different.

Let's say you go to the shop keeper, the stats could look like the following:

Tucker's Sword: 3 ATK, 5 DEX, 10 INT
Tucker's Sword: 1 ATK, 15 DEX, 1 INT
Tucker's Sword: 5 ATK, 1 DEX, 1 INT

The stats basically get rerolled each time you refresh the shop. It gives you the option and ability to go around searching for the best possible stats on that particular weapon.

Sorry that I didn't clarify in my first post.


Haters gonna hate.
To say that they are the future of games is overstating it, but regardless...

RPGs are surrounded by the concept of statistics, whether random or not. I prefer them to be set, so it is not all luck of the draw, it seems.


Creeping On You
Diablo had set stats eh? Or closer to set. Certain areas of the game had only certain powers of weapons. Whereas in borderlands, I could find weapons my level couldn't handle even towards the beginning of the game. I found it more interesting that way. As well as the fact that could come back to the weapon vendors the next day and there'd be different stuff. Gave me more to do haha. Keeps the game interesting.


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You won't see anything like that, except for in underground/independent games. Part of that is to do with the culture of handholding, as I keep saying, the permeates things these days. I always wanted a game where the traits of an item (material, who made it, etc.) determined it's likelihood to be good or bad, but the actual stats were random and completely hidden; the only way to get the stats is to inspect the item, but the accuracy of the results depend on your 'inspect' ability, etc. So you can "see" the stats, but you don't know if you can trust them.

You can see an item that looks fantastic, then put out a ton of money for it, but it turns out to be a complete lemon. In which case, you go back to the shopkeeper and kick up a stink, if you didn't die because of it. It would actually give people a reason to put points into stats like "Charisma" or "Mercantile," etc.


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I dislike variable stats. Why should my Sword of Eternal Damnation be slightly worse than someone else's? We both spent an hour and a half to trigger the events which unlock the item in the store. Except he is a higher level so he gets a better one because the stats are level dependent? It pisses me off to tell you the truth >=

For someone who likes to collect things it can be good or bad. You make it sound like a good thing because it adds a lot of extra playability for you. But for me it takes a game I feel like I'm done with when it comes to the fun factor but makes me feel like I'm not REALLY finished.

I like to 100% games. It sounds like you might be the same way. But for me, variable stats for things like equipment in RPGs actually takes away the fun.


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And for me, I find 100%ing (in the sense that you're able to get all things, all the time, any time, despite poor or even horrible decisions and bad playing) absolutely kills the immersion of the game. When you're watching a movie, you don't want to stop the action and go back every couple minutes because you missed a word or two; likewise when I'm playing a game, I don't want to be intimately aware that I'm playing a game at all times. I liked it better when if you wanted to get every item possible, you followed a guide, rather than newer RPGs that go "Nooo, if you go farther now, you'll miss this!" And then the game hugs you.

In short, I -like- getting my ass kicked once in a while, not because I like getting my ass kicked, but because it actually makes it pretty satisfying to come back later and pwn everything in site.

Unless you're talking about MMOs, in which case I don't care, because I don't play those.


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I do enjoy equipment stats, very much. I think it's a great part of strategy, seeing what kind of combinations you can come up with to gain an advantage.