The Forgotten Man

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Son of Liberty
I agree with this painting as well as his explanation. Since the FDR administration I would argue the only presidents who appeared to respect the Constitutional limitations were Reagan and Kennedy. So we really shouldn't be surprised at how far Bush and Obama have violated it after all these years of disrespecting it. I would have placed Bush's hand on Obama's shoulder with a big grin as I find him just as complicit.


Son of Liberty
I agree to a degree, but I did like how he threw Bush directly behind Obama instead of just grouping Republicans and Democrats separately.
No you're right, the message still came across well and as a work of art it probably looks better this way than my suggestion.


not a plastic bag
I think the placement of Bush was perfect. To me, Bush thought you could show compassion for people through progressive ideas. Let me back up for a minute. I'll never forget this article about Bush: - Report: Bush Spent Hundreds of Hours Comforting Families of Fallen Soldiers Not running for anything and after the election was over.

My point is Bush was the most compassionate President we've had in a long time he was just very wrong about a lot of policy. So, at the end of his presidency, he's in the transformational camp while pointing to the forgotten man saying "What about him?" But, its not a painting about Bush. That was just my aside.

Its such a sad painting. I absolutely agree with the artist and the message of the painting.
Specifically what do you think Obama and the other progressives are looking towards?
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Thanks 'Brix for bringing this to my attention! Awesome commentary and I will spread this one around!

I think they (Obama et al) are looking for their imagined utopia which is just a mirage on the horizon, to be pursued but never attained. It is just the heat rising from the hell they are creating. Their path is paved with misdirected good intentions.