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The Forest (2016)


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The Forest is a film that is due to be released very soon. It tells of a story of a woman who goes into the forest of Aokigahara. For those who have never heard of it is known as The Suicide Forest that is located at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan. It is at once a stunningly beautiful location and at the same time a scary place that many use to spend their last moments alive. On the outside of the forest are signs asking people to consider what they are about to do, to turn back, to seek help but sadly for some it is too late.

I have been fascinated by this location for many years now, it is a sad place that for some reason has stuck in my mind ever since I read about it. For this reason I am really not sure about this film. I am aware that many films are made each year that touch a nerve with people for different reasons and any film can upset someone. I am just not comfortable about monetising something so sad and so tragic.

What do you think? Do you think I am just being to sensitive?


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No. It's good to think about that kind of stuff. It's only when you DON'T do the thinking that what you're worried about happening happens.

As long as something brings awareness to the issue it's a good thing. No doubt I've ROOTED for it on myself many times, but when it comes down to it, suicide needs discouraging. Mainly because people do it for a variety of weak reasons and it's WAAAAAAAY too much of a gamble on it being ok in the next life (which I think it's 100% not nomatter what). So, I don't know what's up with the Japanese (I think it's bad religion over there, or absence of a good belief system predominantly), but the more it can be discouraged the better. I have a hard time with any PLACE that people designate specifically TO kill themselves. That's an indication that it's too accepted. And that's a problem.


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I personally didn't see it that way until reading the posts on here but what also bothered me about this movie was it's basically the same thing as a SyFy movie called "Grave Halloween". Even the trailer reminded me right away of it, just with a bigger budget.