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The first time....ever I saw your face...


Babeasaurus Sex
It's a little bit corny but I was wondering.

What was the defining moment you realised you were in love with someone.

Do you remember the exact moment you looked into their eyes and knew that you were so in love?

For me it was when I was lying in bed and rolled over and sobbed because I thought of the last time we'd seen each other and how much it hurt when he left. We weren't together at the time and the last meeting had been a "goodbye".

Luckily we both grew up and now we're together.

Luckily he loves me too.


Registered Member
Not corny at all, in fact, quite beautiful. I'll let you know when and if it ever happens to me.


Registered Member
I remember the moment I realized I loved my wife. Although, I must admit this is the moment I 'realized' it, looking back I know I loved her before.

We were just chilling in my room, after some long lasting exercise, and she was standing there next to me as I was laying in bed still, and I looked at her and told her 'You're beautiful'. In that moment, I realized exactly how much I loved her and not only that I did love her, but I was also in love with her. Since then, it has only grown with each day.


Sally Twit
We were sat on a bench in London and I was having such a clumsy day. I tripped over in front of him several times, I spilt Ribena on his leg, I stood on his foot and I was almost crying out of embarrassment. I couldn't look at him because I was bright red. I was looking the other way and apologised to him for all of the stupid things I'd done. He laughed, took my hand in his and then told me to look at him. I turned to face him and then he kissed me. That's when I knew.


Registered Member
It was Friday, December 1, 2007. I was at a party at a friend's house, and my girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth, had stayed home because she wasn't feeling well. The truth is, our relationship had almost completely disintegrated by that point, and I'm nearly positive she stayed home in order to have her ex- sneak over while I was away. We knew we needed to split up, but we just hadn't gone through all the motions yet. Pretty ridiculous, in hindsight, what we put each other through by holding on to something dead and decaying.

But anyway.

So, the thing about this party is that one of Elizabeth's friends, Marya, had asked Elizabeth a week or so earlier if she could come to this party and bring a friend of hers, Melissa, who was fairly new to town and hadn't made any real friends yet. Elizabeth told Marya to bring Melissa along. The folks holding the party were dear friends of mine, and I was happy to meet this new person, Melissa, and to bring her into our fold, so to speak.

So, Elizabeth stayed home and I waited kind of awkwardly at the party for Marya and Melissa to show up. I knew Marya, of course, through Elizabeth, but I had never spent time with her without Elizabeth being with us, and I feared it would be awkward to hang with her at the party, since we really didn't know each other well and since she would know no one else at the party except for me, which made me feel responsible for her having a good time. And, of course, there was going to be this new person, Melissa, who I had never met at all. I was thinking about how attentive I'd have to be with them, because neither of them would know anyone at the party, and I was feeling my usual mix of anxiousness that I get whenever I'm in public, even with my friends.

By the time they showed up, I'd had a few drinks, and I was a little more relaxed, but still me--which is to say, awkward, goofy, and nervous. I saw Marya making her way through the crowd toward me, and then I saw the woman trailing behind her, and my heart surged in my chest. She was utterly breathtaking, and she gave off this really clam, centered vibe as she moved through the crowded room. Marya introduced us and I could barely look at Melissa, I was already so taken by her. It was a big party, and it was loud, so there wasn't a whole lot of room for real conversation, and Melissa and Marya seemed to fit in fine and have a good time, talking with other folks and such. As the night wore on, I was getting more and more pissed about Elizabeth not answering her phone (I called a few times to check on her) and more and more anxious about the sheer volume of people at the shindig. The house was bursting with revelers and loud music and some mild debauchery. At one point, I found myself standing near Melissa, who I'd been watching off-and-on all night, and I said something like, "God, I love these people, but parties make me crazy with anxiety. I'm a mess." And she looked at me and said, "Hey, are you ok? What can I do?" And she put her hand on my arm.

That was it. It was electric. Her skin against mine was like nothing I'd ever felt before. There was such an ease and a familiarity between us, and I just vibrated to be near her.

So, you know, it was complicated. I was in a relationship with one of her good friend's best friend, I lived in Detroit and she lived in Lansing, and she was just going through a break-up and would soon be dating a new guy. It took us about a year-and-a-half to work our way toward each other--long, revealing emails, parties every few months where it always seemed to me that we were just barely containing our feelings for one another, a few phone calls here and there...

But I knew. I knew I loved her like I'd never loved anything in my life. And I can trace it back to that moment when she put her hand on my arm and looked at me with the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen.

Love at first sight. It happens.


Registered Member
I was at a small house party drinking a few beers, playing cards, watching movies and my now-husband walked back into the room after he had gone to the bathroom. He looked good, walked confidently, and came to the couch and sat back down by me whereas he could have easily hung in another part of the room with others. I liked how I was chosen and decided then I could not live without that feeling.


Creeping On You
I don't think I've ever been in love per say. I've liked girls, and cared for them lots, but I'm not a believer in love at first time. I've never been in a relationship long enough to start loving someone. But I figure that I'd be in love with a girl when all the little stuff stops mattering and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.


Registered Member
I don't think I've ever been in love per say. I've liked girls, and cared for them lots, but I'm not a believer in love at first time. I've never been in a relationship long enough to start loving someone. But I figure that I'd be in love with a girl when all the little stuff stops mattering and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.
You know, I've thought a lot about my experience with Melissa and how I classify it "love at first sight", and I do think it's worth mentioning that I'm willing to concede that it could perhaps be more properly classified as my having recognized the *potential* to love this woman more deeply and honestly than I'd ever loved anyone or anything in my life. Does that makes sense?

I felt something that night I'd never felt before--it wasn't just attraction or lust or desire--and it rattled me, to tell the truth. It felt like meeting someone I already knew, it felt like meeting someone who I shared some deep, intimate connection with, it felt like meeting someone who was already a part of the fabric of my life.

It felt ancient and unknown and new and familiar, all at once. And as we got to know each other, all those initial feelings began to make more sense--nothing made me pause and say, "Oh, well, I guess she's not who I thought she was"; Instead, everything I found out about her made total, perfect sense and corroborated that initial feeling of profound connection.


You wanna know something funny, though? Met with even more skepticism and caution, I think, than the notion of love at first sight is the taboo of saying "I love you" for the first time during sex. But, I did that, too ;) Our first night of lovemaking was like a movie, I kid you not. Moonlight spilling in through the bedroom's bay window, a breeze just light enough to move the blue sheers around and to softly graze our skin, candles flickering and casting intricate shadows on the walls, slow and steady music swirling all around us with deep rhythmic beats ... I will never forget the way her hair fell across her cheekbones, the way the moonlight lit her up like alabaster, the way her eyes took on this new soft, openness as they locked on mine, or the way we throbbed and tumbled all over that bed, no way of knowing where my skin ended and hers began. It was magic.