The First Ever GF Chat Off!


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Ok, I think this could be fun.

The first ever GF "Chat Off!" Here's how it would work. We all agree on a time next Friday or Saturday and at that time we all hit the chat room.

I can set it up so once you leave you can't come back. The goal is to be the last one chatting!

Basically a chat marathon for as long as it takes for a winner to be chosen.

The winner gets bragging rights. Maybe Atreyu wants to use this for his VIP contest?

Anyway, anybody else think this would be intense?


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The winner will take the MVC title from the standing champ. ;)

You have to fight for your title or you lose it. :D


- Diderot Reborn -
Hybrix, I don't think that would work. something like a spazzy internet could kick someone, and then they'd be out for no reason. what the gives?


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Maybe if people came back within 60 seconds they would still be in?

It shows the timestamp when people leave. As long as they were back before the next minute?

Although to be honest a spazzy internet should probably just mean you are out. Less rules. It's just for fun anyway right?


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There are periods when the chat room just disconnects you, most of it when it lags (while the rest of the site doesn't). I imagine it'll be worse when there are a lot of people in there.


Sally Twit
Make it work and I'd be up for it. Friday would probably be best for me but I could do Saturday. I imagine it'll be early hours for us Brits.