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~The Fire Pit Questions and Discussion~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all my fellow GF members. Toady we age going to try something fun and new.

The First ever GF Member roast. AKA "The Fire Pit"

This is not a Bash or Flame thread, this is just in good fun.

If you wish to be roasted then you will need to sign up by clicking the link.

You can also view the rules for roasting members by the clicking this link.

So come one come all and join in the fun..You don't have to be roasted to do the roasting.

So come on in and join in the fun or jump in the fire the choice is yours.

See ya in the pit....:D

Also feel free to post your Questions about the "Fire pit rules" and feel free to discuss the latest roast and future ones to come.
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Problematic Shitlord
Just looking at the rules, I think this isn't going to be too great. I think if you sign up, you agree that you're going to get picked on. I don't see a problem with leaving in the "uncle" rule and disallowing racial and ethnic slurs, but seriously, bad language? How do you insult someone then?

If I called Corona a silly cock-milker, he wouldn't take it seriously. How do I change the insult to make it meet GF Fire Pit standards? Call him a silly fruity doo doo head?
I don't mean to sound against this idea, because we had it at FC with minimal problems as well as minimal rules. The sign up was the way of weeding out people that didn't want it.


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Agreed. There should be as few rules as possible for something like this. The people who don't like the lack of rules don't have to sign up.


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If I called Corona a silly cock-milker

And yea, I agree with these guys. If you don't want to be poked fun at, don't sign up. Besides, all the rules practically tie our hand behind our back. I mean, no swearing? Seriously? There's a language filter if it hurts your eyes.


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The rules are harsher there than anywhere else.

That's messed up.


Problematic Shitlord
I can see where the staff would be afraid. People could get offended and get upset. However, I don't think we ever had that problem at FC and our only real rules were that you had to do it Comedy Central Roast style where you have to end with a nice comment. Insult all you want, but leave a nice comment at the end. It worked great and gave us some good laughs.

I'm not a very big fan of this "G-rated" roast, I think it needs to be a bit more loose and that the roasted user should have more than 200-300 posts to avoid burning newbs alive.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
How about everyone sets their own rules? Just say what subjects you don't want touched on, you can call "uncle" on a certain subject, and let it go?


Problematic Shitlord
How about everyone sets their own rules? Just say what subjects you don't want touched on, you can call "uncle" on a certain subject, and let it go?
The only objection I'd have to that is the definition of these "rules." If you let users decide their own rules, you have to decipher everything and make sure every rule is being followed or else someone is going to get pissy.

I'd say it should be simple: If you sign up, you accept to have a little rough language thrown at you, to be bashed, and to have some serious ass-whuppin' go in your direction without your own response. I mean, too much language and too harsh of language is not something I would see as tolerable either. For example:

Acceptable: Constantine is so full of hot air he could lift the state of California in a hot air balloon and travel across the milky way.

Not acceptable: Constantine is a fucking cock juggling, ass-raping, dildo munching asshole who is too much of a damned fucking pussy to fucking damned shit ass pussy fuck damn ass (Clear enough, eh? :rolleyes:)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

Well after reading all your responses to the first roast I decided to revamp the rules to better match what you wanted in a roast.

Now there are now 4 different levels of the Fire Pit. Mild, Medium, Hot, and extra spicy

*****SEE NEW RULES******

I think I have added the changes you wanted to see...Let me know if I missed something and I will see if it can go in before the first roast starts on monday...8-3-08

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY,,,Monster Roast MONDAY!!!!!! See members getting flambéed!!! MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY See A Member cry Uncle!!!! MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY Who will it be?? Find out on Monster Roast MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!