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The Fight Is Over Before It Started


Registered Member
I was looking forward to this fight since the last one was over. I thought Triple G was going to fight Daniel Jacobs before going to set up the rematch with Alvarez. Everyone, boxers, TV promoters and announcers had gotten fans excited to see the fight of the century.
I believe that Triple G won the first match because his boxing was much better because of having Alvarez on the ropes many times.
At the end of the match Triple G was scored 8 rounds and Alvarez 4 rounds... How can that possibly be a tie?

The match was messed up because Oscar De La Hoya and the female judge already had this set up. What a coincidence that this rematch was set up for May 5th Cinco de Mayo.
That was not fair to Triple G at all. It would have been fair enough if maybe Alvarez was fighting Julio Chavez. And you know that Triple G is from Europe and that it has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo. So Triple G didn't want to feel isolated he then told the crowd that he would train Chavez style in the hope of getting some fans. Triple G didn't want this seem like Rocky 4 the bad Russian guy. I really believe in my heart that Alvarez knew that he lost the first match. I think Alvarez purposely took this drug because he never made any changes to his training. I think he wasn't confidant enough to believe he would beat Triple G. I mean think about it. This is the biggest fight of his life and he's going to goof off doing what he did. He like Triple G didn't want to ruin his record. He surely want to get embarrassed on Cinco de Mayo day. He's just human. it's ok to be scared. Because he has to have a tough image he can't do this in real life. I may be wrong but there may not be a rematch. Alvarez is always going to do something that will make sure he doesn't qualify for the match. They will just accept the tie and never face each again and go on to more boxing.

It's not going to kill anybody anyway. It wasn't considered a loss anyway.


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I think we still getting a GGG fight on May 5. I just wonder who will step up to face him. Too much money on the line to simply cancel it.