Movies The Fellowship Of The Ring (Who's your favorite)

Who is your favorite member of the fellowship?

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A pretty self explanatory thread.

Who is your favorite member of the fellowship of the ring? There's only 9 to choose from so choose carefully.

My personal favorite would be Gandalf, seriously he's awesome he's super tall and he fights with a sword and staff. Ian Mackellan did a great job as gandalf.

Who is your favorite member of the fellowship?


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My favorite was always Boromir because I'm a huge Sean Bean fan. I also liked how he had an epic death scene.

Next up would be Gandalf. He's awesome in general.
Gollum. He is such a slippery little guy, what is there not to love about him?
Um.. he's not in the fellowship.
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Gimli for simple reasons. I love warriors and I love dwarfs, gruff and tough is the way an adventurer needs to be! D&D FTW?
Aragorn. I adored the love story between his character and Arwen's, and he seemed to be the great hobbit protector 2nd only to Gandalf.
I love Viggo Mortensen as an actor and I think he did a superb job in his role.