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The Fate of Barry Bonds Homerun Record Baseball


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Well it went up for sale and went for over $700,000. More importantly, it's now going to get one of three fates. The guy who bought it at auction is a fashion designer from CA and has set up a website where people can vote on the ball's final destination.

For The Record...

A. Give it to the Hall of Fame.

B. Brand it with an asterisk * (due to his alleged drug use in previous years) and then give it to the hall of fame.

C. Blast it into space and be done with it.

Check out the site. Voting takes only a few seconds and there is no registration required. :)


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I already voted and I vote that it should Brand it with an asterisk adn send it to the Fall of Fame.


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The results are in. Out of 10 million votes, 47% of the people voted for the ball to be branded with an asterisk and then sent to Cooperstown.

Apparently Barry Bonds was pretty upset with what will happen to the ball. I guess that's what he gets for using steroids.

Cooperstown wasn't that worried about the branding though according to an interview with the Today Show during a segment with Marc Ecko. Check out the final results and the Today Show interview on this page:

Your Vote Result

Also, funny enough, I didn't even realize until now that Marc Ecko is the same guy who made the made the video a year ago or so with people "tagging" Air Force One with graffiti. Still Free

This guy is definitely a marketing genius.
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Sounds like a winner to me. I'd love to see it on my trip to Cooperstown, if I ever make it.