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The 'F' Test


Registered Member
I found this while trying to find the Stormtrooper commercial on the net (if you hit previous, you will see what brought me to this site).


It's only a short test, just involves reading something a sentence.

Don't cheat....and let's see if we have any geniuses among us. I only have average intelligence.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Sweet, I'm a genius! :nod: Actually, I've done this test before and failed. I just know what to look for now.
I took this little test a few years ago in psychology class. I had average intelligence. I was pretty disappointed in myself.


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Sweet Genius! I got *blank number-dont want to spoil* and I have never seen that page before! However, I am smarter than that to base my intelligence on how many Fs are in a sentence...if only it were that easy. Speaking of smarts, I got a freaking final I have to study for...*Sigh*


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So I'm thinking that pretty much everything we say here in this topic about it is going to be a spoiler.

This is probably about THE ONLY time where "spoilers" are actually useful. All other times they're the gayest thing the gaye side of gayeville ever.

Seriously, don't read this until you've done the test. And if you do, then you're a gaye bastard. Ok, I think I've made the point clear enough.

Yeah, so I got 4. I wasn't really trying to hard and wasn't as "in the zone" as I usually would be, so I took the "of"s for granted and treated them all as one. Too much pattern recognition for me I guess. By the end, I knew I could have went back, but just said "fuck it, let's see", and uhh ohh, obvious boo-boo. Meh...


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Ok, only read this if you've done the test...

After I took the test and got a 4 and looked at the answer, you know, read about the "of"'s and everything, I went back and still couldn't find 7 "f"'s. It took me about 4 reads to finally get it. Does that make me below average then??


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Wow, I must be an idiot. I got the lowest one. And even worse is there's no catch to it. I mean, I read it a couple times to be sure before and still didn't get it!


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I guess Im the only smart one on these boards *puffs out chest*

But its okay fellow GF-memburs, I will continue to lower my intelligance when talking to iech of yous to balunce evurthing out.