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The Ex's Family


What is your relationship with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend's family? It can be the most recent or a ex from years ago. Do you still have contact with them? Are you in a situation where you still see certain family members frequently? If you see them out in public, how does that go? Are they friendly or is it super awkward? Haha.

I was thinking about this today at work, and thought I'd ask. Ha.


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All of my ex-girlfriends' families are out of the picture with me, lol. Not for lack of a good relationship with them (most if not all loved me, to be honest), just because of time and the way things are.

At my age and in general, I think it's just kind of strange to be in touch still.

That being said, I know a couple of girls that are still close with family members of exes; if the people involved can be cool with it, that's what matters. Just too much room for akwardness probably (in my opinion).


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Starting with my most recent ex. Her mom, dad and I are really good friends. Me and her dad were really good friends before me and her even started. He was really happy that we started dating.


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My first serious boyfriend passed away, so his family and I still keep in touch, not nearly as often as we used to though.. However, everything is completely civil with them and I still think of them very much as my own family.

My most recent ex, well, his mom still will text me occasionally just to say she misses me, but I have not seen her since he moved out of my house. His sister still sends me lots of chainmail type texts, but nothing conversational; she is significantly younger than I am, so I wouldn't expect that there would be. I think seeing them in public would be awkward, but there wouldn't be any negativity to it.


The disadvantage of being from a small town in a small state is that I still see my ex's family quite often, both the most recent and an older one. I guess disadvantage is probably the wrong word. The ones that I actually still see, I really liked while me & my exes were together.

The majority of their family members live in my town, or the the surrounding ones, so I see them a handful of times a month, a lot of the times at work. I also constantly bump into them at the mall & grocery store too. We're still friendly and shoot the shit, but that's probably because they are nice people and not because they still like me. Haha.

It was definitely awkward the first few times though, I had no idea what to expect... and I'm sure it'll be awkward with a certain few forever.


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With my last ex, I only met his sister and we didn't exactly hit it off anyway, so we don't keep in touch at all. My family still keeps in contact with him though and helps him out with stuff. Kinda pisses me off because he was a complete douche to me. If things had ended better I might not mind them staying in contact, but the way things are it's just weird.


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My last ex's mom and I still talk, she's a really sweet woman and I don't know how she could have spawned such a self-centered jerk.


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I only had a good relationship with one of my ex's family and our breakup was so bad that it ruined the friendliness between us. I've never kept any kind of contact or relationship with an ex's family.

The closest I have is talking to my ex about my daughter when the need arises.


Babeasaurus Sex
I always seem to get on well with families.

One of my best friends is the sister of my ex boyfriend. When we broke up her family were devastated and his mum sent me a message saying that just because he doesn't love me they all still do.

They treat me like their daughter and even though he's getting married now to someone else I'm at the house more than he is and I see my best friend at least once a week.


Theres one family I feel awkward around but thats because neither me or the ex treated each other very nicely and too much got said and done.

Otherwise, never had a problem.

Oh and my current boyfriend won't let me near his family (or his family near me) so it's all good there...


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I currently live with my ex so we can have a united front with the kids, I have a great with her parents, as she does with mine.

My previous relationship did not turn out so well, her father hated me with a passion, even going so far as threatening to kick my ass, stab me and many other things.
Her mother and I had a good relationship but when we split she turned very nasty towards me as well, even though I was not the one who ended the relationship.

I do talk to that ex every so often, we have become friends of sorts, but her family still see me as the bad guy.