The Everlasting Story


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Baltio steeled himself and carefully kept his eyes o the ground in front of him. This allowed him to watch the shadow's movements without drawing the creatures attention to their impending doom. Baltio tensed, seeing the great shadow wheeling, turning to swoop. Baltio hurled himself to the side. He felt the rush of air that the bird's mighty wings brought. He heard the two creature's scream, and looked up to see Woffles running speedily away, abandoning his companion and Baltio to the bird. Baltio looked up, saw the other creature dangling limply from the bird's claws. A moment later, the limp corpse dropped to the ground, as the great bird released it to make another dive. Baltio lay still, his heart pounding in his ears. He prayed that the bird would target the running Woffles instead of himself. He opened one eye to see the bird's shadow pass over him, heading towards the distant fleeing figure of Woffles. Then, Baltio realized that Woffles had thrown down Baltio's pike and shield in his panicked flight. Baltio retrieved them. Casting his sharp eyes about, he saw some rocky hillocks to the east. He headed towards them at a brisk jog. He would conserve his strength by keeping a steady pace so that, if he had to, he could face the great bird with the rocks as cover.

After about 20 minutes, Baltio was sweating but not heavily. He was about halfway to the hillocks. He knew he could make it. He glanced behind him and saw, to his shock, a faint dot in the sky. The bird was coming for him now. Baltio put on a burst of speed; he knew his only chance of survival was to reach the rocks. He was an easy target in the open lands. He put on a brief sprint and reached the first line of rocks. He kept going, up a small slope, heading for the biggest rocks at the top of the slope. He dived behind a large boulder and sat panting against the cool stone. He looked up to the sky, and saw to his confusion that the bird was wheeling gently around in large spiralling circles. He saw, with a brief surprise, two bodies clutched within the bird's grasp. Woffles and his companion creature.

He gasped suddenly, as a cold blade was pressed to his throat. "Quiet!" a low voice hissed in his ear. A strong hand grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around the rock. The hand turned him, and Baltio's gaze came across a strage sight. A haggard man with a patch over his eye was crouched in front of him. He was dressed strangely; oddly, the colours matched the rocky ground beneath them. Following his gaze, the man said, "Camouflage, see? Hush now." The man unslung a crossbow from his back. "Can you fight?" he asked, indicating Baltio's pike. Baltio nodded. "Alright; we'll wait for him to come in to land, then we rush him. He's vulnerable when he's on the floor, understand?" And so, Baltio waited, crouched by the strange man, waiting for his signal. Baltio decided that he was going to need this mans help if he was to escape alive.

A minute ticked by. Baltio heard the beat of the birds wings. Then, the man let out a wild yell and jumped out from behind the rock. He loosed a bolt from the crossbow; running forward with his pike before him, Baltio saw the bolt plunge into the birds wing, near the joint. He ran at the shrieking bird and plunged his pike as hard as he could, deep into the great birds chest. The bird screamed in pain, its cargo forgotten on the floor. Despite it's wounds, it began to flap its wings furiously. "Don't let it get in the air!" the man cried. Baltio pulled with all his strength at the pike, but it was embedded too deep for him to remove. The bird was now off the ground, and began to beat its wings with such force that Baltio was flung back. He looked up to see the bird moving forward, up into the air and away from the battle. Then, with a sharp twang, the man fired again; this time, the bolt landed true, striking the bird in the neck. Even from his position on the ground, Baltio could see that it was a mortal wound. The bird's beating wing's faltered, and then the bird fell from the sky, landing in a crumpled heap with a thump that resonated through the ground.

The man gave a sharp whoop of delight, He came to Baltio's side and offered a hand, which Baltio took. "Teymar Manyways, but most just call me Manyways. Thanks for your help, stranger."

"No, thank you. I'd probably be dead if it weren't for you. I'm Baltio." Together, they walked to the carcass of the bird. As they passed Woffles corpse, Manyways spat. "Foul creatures."

Baltio asked if he knew about them. "They serve an evil being, calls himself the 'Master'. Got himself a tower somewhere out there." He gestured over the barren wasteland. Baltio told Manyways how the creatures had captured him. "Good job our friend here intervened then, huh?" He laughed. "Well, there'll be some good meat for a couple 'a weeks now. Care to wait a while? Rest of the troup's comin' soon. Or you got somewhere to be?"

Baltio thought about whether he should stay and meet Manyways companions, or whether he should set off on his own...



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Baltio decided to go with Manyways. Manyways asked him,"Did that grey rabbit that refers to himself in third person lead you to those savage creatures?" Baltio thought that he might have seen this sort of thing before and said,"Yes it was "Woffles" that damned betraying rabbit.."