The Everlasting Story

Welcome! This is The Everlasting Story. Basically, we all chip in to create a wonderful story to tell. First, I'll post my part and then, it's up to anybody to create the next section. Take a look:

What You CAN Do:
- You can create new characters, chapters, scenes and (reasonable) plot twist
- Add to the story as big, or as little as you want. If you just want one sentence, then go ahead and add it. If you want a big chapter, you can do that, too!
- Be creative! ^.^;

What You CAN'T Do:
- Screw the story up by making a drastic decision or intentionally ruining it.

Let's try it out and see what weird and unique things we can do! I'll start it off...

-- -- -- -- -- Ak'Quik Adventure -- -- -- -- --

Our story begins with Baltio, a brave Treasure Hunter searching for treasure ever since he was just a wee little lad. A cunning young man wanting to adventure for a massive treasure to show to the world. This lad will soon encounter such treasure...

Chapter 1 -- Within' The Woods

As the dawn morning sun started to rise, so did Baltio. He had just left the nearby village of Di'Fek to get an early start on his treasure hunting. He wielded a sharp pike with a brown leather shield. You always need to be protected if you dare adventure out into the wild. Baltio was told of a legendary treasure that lied within' some woods. He hadn't any clue of the location of these woods, but that didn't stop this brave young lad...

(Your turn)


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As Baltio ventured deeper and deeper, he seemed to enter a world of non-existence. It was true, he had not seen any form of Civilization for sometime. Baltio decided to rest up against a mighty oak and take a drink from his Canteen.



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As he sat beneath the great oak tree, he gradually became aware of a rustling sound, seemingly coming from above him. He slowly titlted his head back, until he could see into the heavy branches above. He watched carefully, waiting for the noise. There! He heard it again; a gentle rustling of the leaves in one of the branches. He still couldn't see anything.

He stood up carefully, trying to discern the source of the noise, when he heard something else that made him freeze - a low, mumbling voice!

He crouhed, readied his pike, lifted his shield to head height, and then, with a loud cry, lunged up, plunging his pike through the thick branches. He poked and prodded until, at last, he heard a squeal. Suddenly, something fell through the branches. Baltio had time only to see something small and furry before it fell on in with a thump.

Baltio and the creature scrabbled around in the dusty ground at the base of the tree until, finally, Baltio managed to push the savage beast off him. Scrambling ti his feet, he raised his pike above his head to deliver a final blow -

- and stopped, seeing that the beast lay quivering, curled in a ball, crying.

"Please, don't hurt Woffle! Woffle didn't mean nothin'! Woffle be good!"

Baltio lowered the pike, staring in beilderment at the sorry heap of fur before him.

"Who are you, and what were you doing sneaking above me like that!?"

The ball of fur slowly uncurled, and two large, yellow eyes peered out at Baltio.

"Woffles....Woffles didn't mean nuthin'! Woffles was just huntin'!" He slowly climbed to his feet, but stayed hunched over, as if he were ready to flee at a moment's danger.

Baltio could see this 'Woffles' properly now. He was small, a good head smaller than Baltio. He was covered in ash-grey fur which stuck out from his body like tufts of grass. Two large eyes gazed out in fear, and two equally large ears protruded from his head.

Baltio looked deep into Woffle's eyes, and decided there was no danger in this small, helpless little creature. Then he realized that perhaps this small being may have knowledge of the woods around them, and anything within...

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"What do you know about these woods?" Said Baltio in a hushed voice in an attempt not to scare the creature further. "Woffles Knows nothing" mumbled the creature, curled in a ball. "LIAR!" Exclaimed Baltio as he towered above the creature.

"Okay, Okay, Woffles knows something, but you must not hurt Woffles sir" said the tiny creature, as it held it's hands above its head, bracing for something.

"Fine!" Exclaimed Baltio, "But i must ask you one question, Why must you call me sir?" said Baltio, Lowering his spear. "I was told to sir" Said Woffles. "By whom!?" exclaimed Baltio, raising his spear once again.

"The Creatures...Sir."
"Follow Me..."



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Skeptical, yet intrigiued, Baltio followed the small creature into the woods, his pike in the ready in case one of these "Creatures" will suddenly pounce him.
As they neared a fork in the forest Baltio called to Woffles to stop.
He looked above and around him, uncertain of his bad feeling he was having. Composing himself he turned to Woffles.
"Where to now?" Woffles pointed to the left path, he was showing eagerness and motioned to Baltio to come.
"Come, sir! Come! This way." And Woffles took off down the path.
Baltio hesitated for a moment and then...



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..and then followed him, pushing his way through the thick bushes on either side of the track. Baltio kept his eyes down, on the small winding path, for fear of losing his way. After several minutes, Baltio emerged, sweating, into a large clearing ringed by tall, thick trees. Baltio realized that he was far deeper in the woods than he'd ever been before. He was so deep now that the sunlight barely entered the clearing, and the forest around him were so dark he couldn't see a thing.

Baltio cast his eyes around, searching for Woffles. "Woffles?" he called. "Where are you?" He was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Baltio's keen senses picked up a noise ahead of him. He moveed carefully towards the source of the sound; it was coming from across the clearing. Reluctantly, he stepped away from the mouth of the path and towards the trees ahead of him. He hefted his pike, checked the straps of his shield. He was ready.

He stopped a few feet from the tree line, and peered into the shadows. The noise was still there, a sort of shuffling, rustling noise, like something was crawling through the underbrush of the woods. Baltio squinted, stepped closer. He could just make out something, something gleaming in the darkness. He leaned forwards, trying to get a good look -

- and jumped backwards as something exploded from the tree line. He fell back, and something fell with him. As he hit the floor, Baltio rolled backwards and kicked out with all his strength. The thing, carried by its own momentum, pivoted over Baltio and flew shrieking through the air above him.

Baltio scrambled to his feet, and got a good look at the creature before him. It was a huge thing, covered in shaggy black fur. It jumped to its feet and turned to face Baltio, who gasped as he saw the creaturs face. It had a snout as long as Baltio's wrist, which swung to face Baltio. But it wasn't it's snout that shocked Baltio - it was the creatures eyes, for its face was covered with them, some small, some large and bulbous; Baltio, recovered from his shock, realized that the beast was far bigger than himself - even hunched over, its bulky shoulders reached Baltio's chest. Standing up at full height, it would tower over Baltio.

Casting this from his mind, Baltio realized that the creature was blocking the only path from the clearing, the path Woffles had led him down. The only other way to escape would be through the dark forest, and Baltio knew that he would never escape if he got lost in there. Gritting his teeth, he knew he would have to fight his way through.

He dropped into a half-crouch, his sheild raised in front of him, leaving less of his body exposed. His pike protruded from the side of the shield, held in Baltio's steady grasp. The creature still hadn't moved, all its beady eyes were set on Baltio. In an attempt to gauge its reactions, Baltio stepped forward and prodded a feint at the creature, who still didn't move. Baltio prodded again, closer this time, and still the beast did not budge.

Then, with a wild cry, Baltio lunged forward with all his might, only to find that the creature had skipped to one side, avoiding the blow with a speed belying its bulk. Baltio lunged again, and still the creature skipped aside with ease. Frustrated, Baltio thrust his pike once more at the beast. This time, the creature moved slightly to avoid the blow, but then threw itself forward at Baltio. It crashed into his shield with a grunt, sending him spawling. He quickly raised himself to see the creature bearing down on him. He raised his pike and thrust it forth. The creature, propelled by its own movement, couldn't stop, and impaled itself onto Baltio's pike. Baltio grunted with the effort of keeping the pike upright. He looked up to see the beast squirming. Even in its dying moment, it was struggling furiously in an attempt to reach its prey. Then, with a final rattling breath, the beast slumped to the floor, dead. Baltio rose, still clutching the pike. He stepped to the creature, carefully in case it was just pretending; but it was dead. Baltio stepped to its corpse, placed a boot on its hide, and pulled. With a slick, wet noise, the pike came free.

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Realising the danger that he had just overcome, Baltio slumped to the floor to catch his breath, Only to be disturbed by a slight rustling in the bush beside him. As Baltio rose to see what the disturbence was, he could not help but realise the Two, bulging yellow eyes amongst the leaves.

"Woffles?" He called. "Is that you?"

Slowly, but surely, the creature revealed itself from the bush. "Yes sir, it is woffles..." said woffles "I am sorry Sir, Woffles was very scared and woffles ran"

"It;s okay woffles, I'm fine, but i need to know were you are taking me" said Baltio. "It isn't far now sir, just over that hill" woffles pointed towards a grassy hill, covered in flowers and greenery, It was an easy sight on Baltio's weary eyes. Could he be dreaming? Everything else seemed to be out of the oprdinary in this everlasting forest, a trick of his eye maybe?

As they ventured towards the hill, Woffles ran ahead, "Master! Master! look, look!" Shouted woffles, "Were here! Were finally here!"

Baltio decided to pick up his pace, to see what the commotion was about, as he moved over the horizon, something came into the corner of his eye, moving at extreme speeds, Baltio realised this couldn't be friendly...

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#8 it crashed into him. Unprepared, he rolled over in the grass his hunter's instincts taking over, jumping up to a crouching position, pike and shield in each hand, as he searched for the creature that tackled him. Baltio saw it was facing him, a creature about Woffles size yet meaner looking with dark red eyes, more muscular and the tufts of hair on his body were a murky grey. Before Baltio had a chance to challange this creature another came crashing into his back sprawlling him on the ground, pike and shield thrown out of his grasp as he fell. Baltio quickly stood up but it was too late to do more than that as both creatures identical in appearance grabbed hold of him with their strong arms.
"Who are you? What is this? Let me go!" He cried. Both creatures only laughed.
"Good work Woffles. Master will be pleased." They grinned and Baltio glanced at Woffles sharply feeling betrayed and all Woffles picked up weapon and shield and all he could do was shuffle guiltily behind the two creatures and their prisoner as they took him to see their master.


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For many hours, they walked through the forest; for the grassy knoll which had graced Baltio's eyes had been an illusion, a false image. In it's place lay another path, dark and forbidding. Wearily, Baltio trudged onwards, his arms tied behind him with thick, stout rope, his eyes burning into the creature in front of him. He had been a fool to trust the creature Woffles, who now walked behind Baltio carring his pike and shield.

Everntually, the forest around them gave way, the trees began to thin in numbers, the straggly bushes receded, the damp, murky air was replaced with stale, dry air that seemed to suck the very moisture from Baltio's skin. The ground underfoot changed also, from thin grass and mud to a hard, cracked stone, packed down, baked by the blazing sun overhead. Baltio realized that they entered the Forbidden Desert, a barren wasteland home to nothing but savage creatures, and outcasts, exhiled from their own lands for crimes too heinous to imagine. Baltio's eyes warily roved the landscape before him. He took in the flat horizons, and his heart lowered even more, for there was no visible landmark in sight - they had a long, long way to go before they reached anywhere.

And so the little troupe set off, walking into the very heart of the barren wasteland. For many hours, Baltio panted with heat and exhaustion. His warden's seemed not to feel the sun beating down on them; they trudged on without complaints, until Baltio's haggard breath overtook his pride, and he fell, exhausted and thirsty.

Woffles made no pretense at friendship; he walked to Baltio's side and planted a foot in his ribs. "Up! Up! We must not stray!" Baltio looked up to see Woffles glance around as though he were frightened of being seen. Baltio, encouraged by Woffles' fear, let out a yell, in the hope that someone was near; perhaps that was the reason for Woffles wariness. The other creature now stood next to Woffles, and gave him a hard kick to quiet him. "Be silent, fool! There are creature's about.." But Baltio would not be silent. He let out another yell, and another. Woffle's gave him another kick. Baltio grunted, winded. When he looked up, he saw the two creature's huddling close. Baltio wondered if they were going to kill him.

The other creature walked back with Woffles in tow. "Human; if you are quiet, we will give you water!" Baltio glared up at him, but did not make a sound. The creature crouched to the ground, and started to dig ferociuosly while Woffles stood guard, with Baltio's own pike pointed at him. After ten minutes the creature had made a hole so deep that Baltio could see only his back. Then, the creature sprang from the hole, and looked at Baltio. "We're going to release you so you may drink. If you try to escape, we'll gut you!" Woffles accompanied this statement with a small jab of the pike in the air. The second creature crouched at Baltio's side and, with its claws, cut the ropes binding Baltio's wrists. Baltio rubbed them to get some feeling back, and quickly crawled into the hole. It was deep enough for him to kneel in. At the bottom of the hole sat a large puddle of water. Though it was muddy, Baltio drank quickly; never had he tasted something so foul, but to his parched throat it was bliss.

He looked up when he'd had his fill to see Woffles standing over him warily. "Out!" the small creature grunted. Baltio clambered out the slippery hole, his fingers raking at the slick mud. The second creature gestured at him to hold out his ropes. However, as Baltio held out his hands to be tied, a loud shriek stopped him. His instincts kicked in, and he rolled to the side as a large shadow swooped past, claws raking at the spot where he had just been. Baltio looked up as he sprang to his feet. A huge bird was soaring through the air, its wing span wider than three men. Even now, it was turning back to dive at them...

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Glaring upwards, Baltio knew this he wasn't stood in the best place at that moment in time and proceeded to dive to his left hand side. As he dove the incredibly sized bird catapulted itself towards the group of creatures. The sheer velocity of the birds dive, gusted sand up into the air, and Baltio's eyes. Amongst the blindness and confusion, a croaky scream could be heard.

As the dust and sand settled, Baltio rose his head to see that only two of the creatures stood tall, the third, slumped on the ground in a bloody mess, brutal tears in it's skin, seeping into the golden sand, turning it a shade of crimson. As the event settled in, Woffles and the other creature started to panic. "Come Human, this way, come now!"

Although Baltio did not trust his captors, he would not put himself at the risk of that giant bird again. Scrambling to his feet, he re-joined the two creatures as they began to walk. "Were are you taking me?" questioned Baltio.

"Our master seeks what you seek" replied the second foul creature. Baltio thought for a moment and then realized what he made this journey for, the treasure! "What of this treasure?" exclaimed Baltio, "why is it so important?" the creatures halted and turned towards Baltio..."The treasure of Ad'Grad is the most sought after treasure in this baron wasteland." Hissed the creature, "It could satisfy even the greediest of men, and you..."sir" The creature said sarcastically "Will never lay your hand on it!"

The creatures cackled to themselves only to be silenced by a giant shadow that seemed to swoop above them, Baltio knew straight away what this shadow was, but the creatures seemed oblivious.

Baltio Readied himself.