The Euthanasia question

Assisted Suicide?

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Since Dr. Kovorkian was released from prison, there's been a lot of debate on whether assisted suicide should be allowed. I'm for it to an extent, I think it should only be allowed in the case of terminal illness or injury, in other words, people that are unable to self-terminate. People that are able and willing can kill themselves without wasting taxpayers money (except for the obvious police, mortician, and in some cases, burial/cremation fees, but what are they there for if nobody's going to use them, miright?)

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I really don't see a huge problem with allowing people Euthanasia options in cases like that. If you have a terminal illness and don't want to live, or if your life quality will be very low and painful, you should be able to end it, prima facie.

I don't see a problem with active euthanasia either in lieu of passive. Doctors and others should be allowed to administer active treatment.
no way .. too much room for abuse .. somebody wants to top themselves .. they need to do it themselves .. nobody should ever have the right to kill somebody .. humans cant cope with that kind of power .. too much like being able to treat people like cattle .. we have enough of that tyranny without making it legal ..


I don't see why we allow doctors to kill pets, and that's humane, but if we want doctors to put people out of terrible misery, it's all of the sudden "bad." Why should pets get better treatment than your family?

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I've stated before i'm for assisted suicide. And really Dr. Kevorkian didn't kill people, he just suggested really good ways to kill yourself.


I've stated before i'm for assisted suicide. And really Dr. Kevorkian didn't kill people, he just suggested really good ways to kill yourself.
He made it easy for the person to end their own life, if they decided to go through with it. He never actually put the gun to the head, so to speak.


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I believe in letting a person die as humanely as possible. And although I do hate the idea of euthanasia at times I one hundred percent agree with having it done.

Thats why people before they even become terminal should make it known that, hey... I want "this, this, and this to help me go peacefully" or "I don't want this or that when I'm dying."

But no one wants to think along those lines before they get so ill that they are unable to make those decisions for themselves, or no one takes the person serious enough to listen to their wishes.

Plain and simple make it known and hell if you need to attempt it yourself than do it. I can completely understand it! I really can...

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The assisted suicide law in Oregon has worked very well, there are many checks and balances, and so far no abuses have been discovered. Many people end up being too ill or crippled to obtain the necessary medicine to take their own lives, besides which many of the drugs that can kill a person quickly and with little or no pain are very tightly controlled and thus difficult for any layperson to obtain--let alone a bedridden one.

Some diseases are agonizingly painful and when someone is begging for death to end their suffering it puts their loved ones in a nearly intolerable position if they cannot legally help to end the suffering. For Heaven's sake, in a culture such as this with so little respect for life that we kill people in prison, let thousands live without homes and millions without medical care, and we spend hundreds of billions of dollars killing people in other countries, it seems the height of hypocrisy to deny legal assistance to our loved ones who are suffering and yearn for the comfort of death.
Giving people the legal power to get away with murder is not smart .. nobody should be given that kind of power over other people ..

What we need are clear guidelines on death .. when a person is actually alive .. or they are just a body being kept alive by machines ..
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