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The epic virus Stuxnet


Lion Rampant
This is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual smoking gun.

Wikipedia said:
Kevin Hogan, Senior Director of Security Response at Symantec, noted that 60% of the infected computers worldwide were in Iran, suggesting its industrial plants were the target.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuxnet#cite_note-11 Kaspersky Labs concluded that the attacks could only have been conducted "with nation-state support", making Iran the first target of real cyberwarfare.

(ibid.) said:
Confirmed infected computers :

Iran 62,867

Indonesia 13,336

India 6,552

United States 2,913

Australia 2,436

Britain 1,038

Malaysia 1,013

Pakistan 993

Finland 7

Germany 5 (September)

[Israel 0 - Ed.]


not a plastic bag
My favorite part:
This is also due to several clues in the code such as a concealed reference to the word "MYRTUS", believed to refer to the Myrtle tree, or Hadassah in Hebrew. Hadassah was the birth name of the former Jewish queen of Persia, Queen Esther. In the Book of Esther, Jewish forces, after unraveling a Persian attack plan, stage a preemptive and successful assault against their adversaries.
That's classic. Good job Israel.


not a plastic bag
This virus has been an amazing success: 'Stuxnet virus set back Iran?s nuclear program by 2 years'

The entire Iranian program has been setback 2 years b/c of this virus. I was reading about this in another article and the complexity of the virus. What is did was speed up the centrifuge just enough that it was not noticeable, but enough to make the uranium useless. By the time the Iranians figured out what was happening, the virus had completely taken over Iran. The virus is also capable of reporting data back to the programmer letting us know what is happening. Supposedly at this point there is nobody in Iran that can repair the problem because the virus is so deep into Iran that it will find its way back to the nuclear site. At this point, they have to scrap every computer and all of the equipment in the plant. They will need to start over and hope the computers they buy aren't infected with another virus that will awake in the future.

Just an incredible job of cyber-warfare.