For a Free Scotland
the Legionnaire of dark with manic glee
rules over Gaia with tyrannic decree
ebony armor and sharp eyes ablaze
massacres the innocent for dark gods- be praised!

raging shadows armed to the teeth
provoked hatred that flowed underneath
but kids they are, the earth's favorite son
machines of Machine when given a gun

awash with decay, idyllic land forsaken
awaits the grand hero of all time awaken
a paralyzed populace, both bitter and numb
the time for redemption has finally come

they call him Aduro in old, mystic tales
who stood but alone to dark's brutal gales
a glorious example of the grand, ancient knight
cast aside Legionnaire's malice and invoked the light

once it was over and returned was the spring
the freed citizens wished Aduro their king
he spoke that "only the dark rule with the wretched fist"
and strode away from the people and into the mist

a high, brilliant sunrise above the noble man's grave
of elder time's heroes of sword, word and stave
if you search for His body, you will find he has none
for he has died and reborn- the guardian sun
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