The Entire Story On Vince Russo Signing TNA Deal

Warning lots of text, read at own risk :D

As reported earlier today, Vince Russo is returning to TNA this weekend on a creative level. We can confirm that Russo was in the TNA offices for the first time yesterday working on creative. The old creative team was informed on Tuesday of this week that Russo would be coming in. Dixie Carter has not been as hands on with the creative end and we believe that will continue in order to give this new regime a chance to get their feet wet.

Mike Tenay and Scott D'Amore are officially off creative and Tenay will return to his announcing duties. D'Amore will remain with the company although it remains to be seen where he will wind up as he had taken himself off TV to devote more time to creative.

Jeremy Borash's new role within the company is unknown at this time although one source indicated he'll be working more hands-on with production.

Those who are no longer on the creative team are still expected to be called upon as consultants of the creative process as the shows are put together.

A number of TNA personalities were informed of this decision this morning and an official announcement to the entire TNA crew is expected to take place prior to the No Surrender PPV this Sunday. There is already frustration among several within TNA about this decision and morale is already expected to take a huge dive among the TNA roster.

Given Russo's track record, it is safe to say many are not looking forward to this new move. It is no secret that Russo and Jeff Jarrett are good friends and with the two working together as the central part of the booking committee along with Dutch Mantel (who is said to be an extension of Jarrett), you can pretty much expect Jarrett to remain the focus of TNA (which is something many people were hoping was going to stop given the drop in ratings) unless they intend to make drastic changes to help turn the company around.

Others are taking a "wait and see" approach with this entire situation as Russo has yet to book a PPV or TV taping yet with Jarrett and Mantel. After the PPV and TV tapings wrap up this Sunday and Monday, we will no doubt have a good idea of what direction that company will be headed with the return of Russo. There are also others wondering what this does for Jim Cornette's status with TNA as Russo and Cornette have a long history of dislike for each other. Cornette was very upset when Russo booked the "Oklahoma" character in WCW mocking Jim Ross, which later saw Cornette spit on Ed Ferrara (Russo's writing partner) at one point. What makes Russo's return to TNA so interesting is that Cornette has stated in many interviews that he felt Russo was to blame for the "disintegration of the business" in general. At this point, the two will more than likely be kept apart from each other at TNA events or it could be safe to say that Cornette's run with TNA might end faster than it started.

It's also interesting to note that none of our TNA sources have indicated that this is the big surprise planned for Sunday so it could wind up being something completely different.