The Enforcer


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Okay so..
fighting in hockey, 2006 was a big blow.. now i wont go into any stats, but personally i remeber almost no great fights in that season except when McGratton beat Brashear. (in the East for the least) then in recent years i've been seeing alot of.. "Afinogenovs" fight "Marleaus" or Kostistyn fight Spezza. Wasn't there a role for that? Maybe i'm watching to many Habs games but I haven't seen any more enforcers than Brashear, Laraque and Orr who play REGULARLY for the team. before anyone says.. CHARA always fights and gives the opponent a beating.. yeah, who does he fight? he has never fought an enforcer, and if he does he gets a beating in 2 seconds, just like when he fought Laraque, that same game CROSBY had a fight. With all due respect to the little guys, stick to puck handling and let guys like Probert or Domi defend you.
The biggest reason why every team should have at least 1 enforcer, NOT because "oh i like fights they're entertaining" but because if talented players start gettining penalized, that's 5 less minutes they're not on the ice, 5 minutes is an eternity in hockey.
I for one know that the Canadiens were in big need of an enforcer but haven't got one since Darren Langdon. (2004)


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By the way Langdon was doing about smart enforcer job for Montreal(and also on his other teams).
No too much stupid penalties.
He isn't really very skillful but he can to uses nicely of his brains.

I see an enforcer to Stortini who has been very active for Oilers this year, no matter if he sucks mostly in his fights but all the important is that he is doing about solid contribution for his team.

Laperriere isn't an enforcer or Carcillo or Boll but they are fighters who defends actively their team mate.


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You're absolutely correct, the Enforcer should NEVER be a dying breed in hockey. IMO when we lose that critical player we'll lose a large hunk of the greatness of this sport.