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I just got this game pretty recently (hell, it only came out pretty recently), and I'm wondering if anyone else has been playing it/what they think of it...

I think the graphics are pretty amazing, and it has been a lot of fun so far to play. However, There are rather a lot of bugs, such as all the objects floating a centimeter or so above what they're supposed to be sitting on, and then falling en masse when you interact with them. I've already gotten stuck in the architecture once, and unlike in Morrowind, you cannot just type fixme into the command prompt to move a couple units out of the wall... you're stuck, and have to load your game. It has the same fun, non-linear feel that Morrowind did, but unfortunately, it is a lot... smaller... and it feels smaller too, due to the fact that it tells you "you cannot go this way, turn back" when you reach the edge, instead of just being surrounded by water. I haven't done anything into the main plot yet, so I dont know how that is, but from what I have done, it seems like overall it is going to be a good game.


SenatorB said:
I've already gotten stuck in the architecture once, and unlike in Morrowind, you cannot just type fixme into the command prompt to move a couple units out of the wall... you're stuck, and have to load your game.
Tilde for console, then type tcl.

move, then retype it when you're done. Problem solved.
If this works... OHGODTHANKYOU

I cannot tell you how long I spent looking for some sort of command like that, only to end up having to load because I didn't find anything.

Edit: IT WORKS. You WIN.


Or you could do what I do when I get stuck inside a wall. Go find a door and use it. It brings you inside and then you just walk out. I haven't had many problems with this though. The telekenisis spell isn't helping my OCD any. When I knock over objects I have the urge to pick them up and put them back with TK. . . either that or chuck them at someone. I think it's a vast improvement over Morrowind. The combat system is what it should be, and the spells are better than I imagined. I don't like how it balances you against the monsters/NPCs and how they start getting glass, ebony, elven, daedric, and the like. I wouldn't mind if one or two had this, but when you go into a fortress and ALL of the vampires in there are wearing glass/daedric it just really kind of ruins the fun. I know there are mods out that fix all of this, but I don't know how much the mods will drain on the performance so I don't use them. Oh yeah, the Dark Brotherhood quests give awesome equips. Make sure to join that if you haven't.


Oblivion is the best game ever made, period. I actually haven't came across any big bugs, just small, tiny glitches. I've only gotten stuck once, and I know the one command to make me jump out.

Also, if you mess with .ini files, and tweak, you can take the barriers off of the game. I did that, not much is beyond them, but it's fun at least. There's so much to do it's crazy. Also, mods don't make your performance that much worse, since there's so many tweaks to make the game run better. There's a tweak where you can take the grass in the forest, and make it more spread out and not as much in clumps. It helps your FPS amazingly, and it looks better.


i LOVE Oblivion!

though i will admit i haven't played it in over a month. i think that the modifications made by players make the game ten times better. definitely go on elderscrolls.com/forums and go into the mods section. players have spent months fixing all of the things that were wrong and/or adding a bunch of stuff to make the game even better.
at this point you can probably find threads with the best mods listed based on other peoples recommendations so worrying about downloading a mod that is no good should be a thing of the past.
i was making a healer companion mod but i got sidetracked and have pretty much scrapped it.. i'm sure someone else will make one soon.

one of my favorites.. even though it is so simple... is the cats mod. it just adds little cats that walk around. but it makes the game much more immersive. i'm waiting for the exporter to be released that way people can really get into the mod process and perhaps children will even be added. ^_^


(the new response prompted me to give a second opinion after having played quite a bit more than in my first post)

That would be something. I suppose whenever Elder Scrolls V comes out they'll have the radiant AI (or some evolution of the system) handle NPC relationships and add further detail to the NPC life. I mean, it's great and all to see woodsmen hunt down deer when you're out walking, NPCs to stop and talk to each other about current events and all that, but after a while you start to see the scripting behind it and it starts to become more and more predictable. Also, I doubt bandits would keep in the same camp for weeks and weeks at a time and the imperial watch wouldn't bother to hunt them down. It's incredibly detailed but a lot more could be done to make it even better.


I bought the (PC) special edition the day it came out, due to my ignorance, thought they meant a fraction of what they hyped.

I loved Oblivion for an obscene number of hours, but even from the start I was annoyed. The menu was F'ed (what dipshit decided to use 35 font? Did they not listen to any testers? 8 hotkeys? WTF?, ect ect).

Then, before they patch it or anything, they start releasing crappy little mods at a cost. Jeez, that was the moment Bethsedra got on my crap list. They purposfully left things out of Oblivion in order to milk us for more money, which annoys me to no end. If they didn't hold back, and fixed a lot of the blatant storyline problems (ie big invasion, except noone cares).

Covers many of my complaints:

They sacrificed what could have been great for greater sales.

i think that the modifications made by players make the game ten times better.
That reminds me... there IS a Construction Set that came with Oblivion then (similar to how one came with Morrowind)? I kind of maybe didn't pay for my copy, and my copy didn't come with one, which disappointed me because I'd enjoyed using the one in Morrowind. Is there any way you could send me an .iso (or other way, if it's just a plugin or something simpler) of the Construction Set?

Did they not listen to any testers?
I'm mostly curious how the fact that all the NPCs are so UGLY got by the testers... I mean shit, they may all have different faces, but this is one ugly continent. The hovering items also really bugged me... it seems like they would have realized that one after only brief amounts of testing.


The construction set is available for download by anyone on the front page of the wiki. The 8 hotkeys thing kind of bugs, they probably could've easily made it so you can toggle through sets of hotkeys. As for leaving out content yeah, that is a cheap thing of Bethesda to do. But I won't miss not having (non-functional) armor on my horse. Another nice feature would've been immigration of new NPCs to the continent. Especially if the player goes on a non-essential NPC killing rampage, they should have randomized NPCs move in to fill the gaps.