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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Van, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Van

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    It is my opinion that some shows today, even some of the most popular shows are having a very negative effect on society. South Park is one of these. Family Guy isn't as bad, but I still wouldn't watch it.

    TV is cluttered full of terrible movies and TV shows right now. It used to be that some sexual hints were seen as terrible to be played on TV, but now we have slid so much farther down the slippery slope, that I think it will be very hard to come up again. Look at the movies that are rated PG-13 now. Sexual immorality and cussing is everywhere. Think about what PG-13 meant 10 years ago.

    I believe that these types of things are having a terrible effect on our society. Kids are being raised thinking that it's cool to cuss. Many of these kids need to stop learning cuss words and open a dictionary. So many students don't try in school anymore. Most of these kids are obsessed with rap music, which I believe is also negative to our society.

    Well that is my opinion, feel free to state your's

    What happened to shows like Home Improvement?

  2. Major

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    I just don't get what the big deal is with swearing. Everybody has heard the words a million times. They shouldn't offend anyone. Same thing with nudity. I don't think those things have any effect on society.

    What I do think affects society, mostly teens, are some of the shows on MTV, like The Real World and other reality shows that basically just show people getting drunk and hooking up.
  3. Mirage

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    It's going to be hard to prove the negative effect of individual shows in a forum environment, however, I agree that TV as a whole has several shows, movies, etc that encourage violence, swearing, etc.

    Most people will disagree on what exactly a "negative effect" would be described as, because everybody has different views on what is good, bad, questionable, etc.

    I do agree that many shows have a negative effect, but no network is going to pull a show based on morality concerns. Sure 50 years ago most shows today wouldn't have been given a second look by network executives, but that doesn't mean that we are "moving forward" in our thinking as a nation. Fighting against racism is an example of moving forward. Fighting to be able to say whatever you feel like wherever you feel like saying it is not.

    @Echoes, I agree with you about the shows on MTV. Most of those shows seem to be aimed at drunk people who enjoy watching other people doing stupid things. Take "Jackass" for example. Sure its' funny to watch somebody crash into cars while standing up in a rolling shopping cart outside some store, etc, etc, etc, but it's hard to classify shows like that without using phrases like mindless, stupid, etc. Sure it's funny, but.. yeah.
  4. MenInTights

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    yeah, MTV is aimed at the 11-14 year old crowd. showing kids that young adult situations is just ridiculously sad. Shame on the parents that allow their 12 yr olds to watch mtv.
  5. MegaMike

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    There was violence, sex, and swearing *long* before TV was even a pipe dream. Television is not the root cause. Society is its own bad influence, end of story.
  6. Soboredtoday

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    i dont think its a matter of the tv shows i think it is how people raise their kids up, i whatch all of those shows becuase i find them highly entertaining and i am very polite personand i dont cuss all the time or anything like that becuase my parents told me not to be a dumb @$$ in front of other people, and everytime i was disrespectful or i cussed in front of someone i would get smakced, and come on we all know about sex so its not that big of a deal when we hear about it on the radio and or tv...
  7. oxyMORON

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    I think everybody, to some extent, wants to act like the people they watch/admire on TV. So depending on what kind of TV you watch, you can pick up good and bad stuff.
  8. neum985

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    I dont mind that it makes girls easier. Just makes for more love, but i think violence really does get drilled into your head. For example after watching UFC for a few hours i just want to go up to someone and start fighting. Could just be me but it seems to have that effect on my friends as well. We could just be the odd balls but i think it effects most people in that way.
  9. Merc

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    Every single show can be bad. It all comes down to the individual.

    Morality is subjective, we don't all have the same set. Just because one guy thinks it's incredibly terrible for one girl (clothed) to grind on another guy (also clothed) doesn't mean we all have to abide by his rules.

    Oh poor Tim, insulted by the TV!

    Cultures change, their norms change, and the standards and taboo change too. Everyone argues one way or the other, bad or good. Neither side is right. The people who are right are the ones that realize that those things are always changing and thus, never have a solid answer.

    Kids who are taught by media forms have bad parents, plain and simple. Also, why are cuss words bad? There is no such thing as bad language, that's a lie. Words are made bad because we say them, the whole idea that they're primitive just stems from the idea that crude words are simple words. Saying a kid should pick up a dictionary is just a way of propagating a wrongful concept.

    Rap music is a common scapegoat and it is quite easily to blame because of it's aggressive, sexual, and cocky overtones. However, all forms of music are subject to this sort of thing. Country, rock, metal, pop, all these forms of music can be negative, they're just more subtle (well, not metal).

    Kids need parents who talk to them, who listen, who pay attention, and teach them to learn for themselves and not let Dr. Dre and Dr. Pepper brainwash them. Children and adults alike will always learn things from the media and they'll always internalize at least a small amount of what they see. The important part is helping them sort out the things they see.

    Even shows like Home Improvement can be bad and I can prove it.

    Home Improvement does nothing but promote the male caveman stereotype that suggests that men are grunting, beastly, dull creatures that only car about "manly" things such as cars, tools, food, and women.

    It's all subjective my friend. Everything is both bad and good, it just matters on how that material is ingested and processed.
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  10. Swiftstrike

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    Constantine wrapped everything up very nicely. It is all subjective. And it's not the fault of the companies for airing the shows. If the parents have a problem with the tv show don't let the kid watch it simple as that.

    Blame the parents not the media or rap...too often are they scapegoats to parents who do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

    There is also no co-relation or proof (observational studies or experiments) that TV violence makes the viewer more prone to violence or more aggressive. Their have been some observational studies on video game violence but there was no indication or coorelation found between video game violence effecting the users mood. The only thing variable that was interesting was the subject's environment (where they were raised) effected how they reacted to the video game.

    The only thing they found were a few users were a little more aggitated or frustrated a few minutes after playing a challenging game (not necessarily violent). Not significant enough to even make a co-relation

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