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the "don't worry, be happy" thread


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This is a thread for those of us who have let go of the past and expect nothing in particular from the future, and are therefore sticking to enjoying ourselves in the present moment. Let's hear from you!

My turn first, however, as I started this thread.

I have long been bored to death by most entertainment programming on TV, and movie trailers make most movies look like crap. But I'm thinking of starting a new habit of going to movie theatres from time to time. My view is that going to the movies is not done in order to watch a movie, which you can do better on blu-ray right in your living room, but in order to Go To The Movies--for the experience! I normally don't do well in large groups where everyone is squished together, but a darkened movie theatre offers a chance for some time spent as part of a group without the negatives. Plus going to the movies alone is an honored pastime that has been done for decades, mostly in repertory and second-run theatres but also in first-run ones. And there are some really nice movie theatre complexes within half an hour's travel of here by public transit and walking, and some of them have nice, budget-priced eateries next to them. Going to a movie a couple of times a week will also get me out of the apartment while I'm waiting for my life to stop being on hold.


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K. So this is basically a get happy thread? Cool.
Yesterday's gone and I really don't care that much about tomorrow, mostly just now. I get seriously happy just doing new stuff and hanging out with my friends. And parties - I'm always meeting new people there too. Music, movies, sports, and games get me happy too. "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" is totally awesome and I even have a copy on back order. Then I can watch it again at home.
I can also get happy just by getting lost. I don't always know where I am sometimes but it's cool and especially at night. It's even tons more awesome if there's fog.


Free Spirit
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I have long been bored to death by most entertainment programming on TV, and movie trailers make most movies look like crap.
I'm finding just about everything boring anymore especially TV. I really need something new to do. Still I try to stay positive so I'm mostly happy.

Most movies are crap and have been for a long time. Very seldom do I see one I really like.

I do get the urge to build something once in a while, maybe I should try that. It may look like crap when I get finished but hey it might be fun. Will get to use power tools.lol

When I had cats I wanted to build a kitty castle but I never did, now I have no cats.