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The dog that woudn't die ...



Last month we heard about the dog that wouldn't die!

Mia, an 11-year-old Rottweiler was put to sleep by her owner since he did not have enough money to care for her illnesses, however the next morning she came back to life.

Once people heard about this story, people and animal groups from as far away as England gave donations, advice, prayers and offers such as adopting Mia and giving her medical treatment.

Mia's owner, while overjoyed to see how much people cared about his dog, opted to give Mia to a family he already knew to continue her life.

Mia is now seeing veterinarian Richard Caputo who is treating her and she is gaining some of her youth back as well as her appetite!

This is such a happy story! We send our good wishes to Mia!
source The Rottweiler Who Wouldn't Die Gets A New Home! | TeddyHilton.com

Sho shweet!!!! I'm sho happy for the dog!!!


Band Nerd ♫
...Came back to life? :stare:

Putting a dog to sleep because you can't take care of them is harsh, though.


Where is my Queen?
Wow, this dog should change his name to Jesus! :lol: What an incredible story. Did the dog really die, or did they mess up on the juice and did not give the dog enough poison? Regardless incredible story, and the owner should of sent his dog to an adoption center in the first place.


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amazing! the dog must be an angel. i feel so good and bad at the same time i can't express my feelings about the dog. i wish her all the best and all my love.


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That's one tuff dog! :) I hope I do that if I ever die! It makes me wonder though how things like that can happen. I even read about a dog that got hit with lightning and survived. She could walk and eat and sleep, no probs. It's just amazing! :nod:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Personally, I wouldn't donate to someone I know who will just put their dogs to sleep when they can't afford it anymore. Maybe offer to adopt or donate to the new owner, but not this one.


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aww thats so sweet the doggy got a second chance although this story also angers me if the man gave his dog to a family he already knew after this happened why could he not of tried to re-home her previously rather than killing her.