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Movies The Documentary Thread


Mark ov teh Pond
Official threads seem to be popping up all over as the new trend, so I thought I'd make one here for documentaries. A good documentary always speaks for itself, so this can be a place for you to discuss, rage, praise, or recommend documentaries to others. As there is quite a variety out there. Historical, social, political, you name it.

I know there are a few avid docs' fans out there, so instead of me dropping a giant list, and others, let's start by just naming 1-3 of our favourites.

The Parking Lot Movie - just watched this one last night. I thought it was pretty hilarious and well done. I recently watched The Philosopher King's too, and that being about janitors, but I felt it lacked an element to it. That element I found in this movie. Maybe it was anger, I'm not

Food Matters - this one is primarily about vitamins and personal health. If you're curious about industry, check out Food, Inc and The Future of Food. Both of those highlight on the monstrous Monsanto and it's many evil deeds.

Fuel - highlights on bio-diesel and alternative energy sources. I don't know, I found it to be inspirational. There are some strong political statements made throughout this one too. Be advised. "Bio-diesel, no war required."

Right now, I am watching This Film is Not Yet Rated which has prompted me to finally make a thread. I thirst for the docs. I'm lovin' it so far, hilarious.


Everybody watch The Cove. I can't stress this enough! I believe every single human on the planet should watch The Cove! It's amazing in more ways than I can even describe.

As for other docos the series 'Planet Earth' and the film 'Food Inc' are also amazing and worth watching.


Mark ov teh Pond
Finished This Film is Not Yet Rated and it was pretty hilarious. Very insightful too, with interviews by Kevin Smith (Clerks, etc.) and Matt Stone (South Park) as well as tons of other directors. Basically, the doc is the history of the rating process and its effect on the media and directors, promotions, etc. etc. with ton of movie comparisons.

I have heard of The Cove and it's on my list. I have seen Planet Earth and Blue Planet and own them both on DVD. They were more visually stunning than informative, if I remember correctly. Still a neat watch and I plan to re-watch them in the future.


Hmm, I found Planet Earth to be highly informative. Great for learning about different wildlife, plants, environments etc. It was visually stunning yes, but for me I learnt quite a lot as well.


Well-Known Member
I'm a sucker for military training documentaries. My favourite i've watched so far is a documentary series called NZSAS: First Among Equals. Another great one is Two Weeks in Hell and that one's about the training of the Green Berets. I'd recommend both of them to people who like that sort of thing.


Registered Member
The Cove was fantastic, even if it did make me queasy.

I haven't watched a doc in awhile, I'll have to hop back on that bandwagon soon, this thread should be a good motivator.

Anyway, more recent docs I've seen and would recommend would be Grizzly Man and The World's Most Dangerous Place for Women (this one is a BBC special)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't watch many documentaries, but I did enjoy Hoop Dreams. I'm sure not a lot of people, William Gates and Arthur Agee. They both struggle to improve their skills while going through intense workouts. It follows their lives, talking about race, family and how they handle the pressure put on them.

It's considered one of the best documantary ever made.


Registered Member
Planet Earth is great, wonderful visual experience and it's very informative so you can learn a lot from their documentaries.

If you like a lot of theories about aliens and their impact on our culture than the Ancient Aliens series will also be interesting to you.

The Universe series are also pretty good. I like space documentaries.

And if you like documentaries about war, The world at war series will be great for you. They are a little bit older but they're good :) Especially if you are very interested in World War 2.


Son of Liberty
Theres a low budget one on Netflix streaming right now that I thoroughly enjoyed. Its called "This Film is not yet Rated".

Its about the MPAA organization and how corrupt / crooked they are, how they are selected and the process in which they scrutinize movies with particular ratings.

its a little racy, but other than that its a pretty good Documentary.