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The direction...


The return shall be legenday!
I don't posts here often enough to know if I'm bringing up an old thread idea but Bizzy gave me the thumbs up.

WWE as done a great job bringing in wrestlers instead of entertainers and IMHO, the product as looked much better as of late. Do you like the direction the company is heading in?


Registered Member
It's still a tad touchy because it all depends on which brand you're talking about. With NXT, everything is pretty much perfect. Triple H has done a fantastic job bringing in the top indy stars and veterans like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and now Shinsuke Nakamura to strengthen the brand. The problem is often when the NXT guys are getting called up because Vince sees things completely differently and he's always impatient and wants results immediately. Look at how top acts like Tyler Breeze & The Ascension have literally bombed on the main roster while they were so hot on NXT.

But right now, AJ Styles' signing and performance is a good sign that things are looking up and finally, there isn't just the roided look that matters on the WWE roster. It's gonna be interesting to see how much Styles' reception from the audience might incite WWE to go after Bobby Roode & Eric Young now that they're free agents. Apparently, early reports suggest that WWE is showing more interest in Eric Young than Bobby Roode but that's probably because EY is 36 while Roode is close to 40, if he isn't 40 yet. It's encouraging to see WWE go after TNA stars when it was considered unthinkable 5 years ago. I'm also looking forward to what the Global Cruiserweight Series will look like this summer. This could be another indicator of WWE's upcoming direction.


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@EdgeHead touched on it, but Breeze is the perfect example on what he was saying. Zack Ryder in the IC ladder match, while Tyler Breeze, who can bump and work like crazy, sits idly by.
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