The Dethalbum


For a Free Scotland
It's the highest charting death metal album ever...and it's by a fake band from Adult Swim's Metalocalypse, Dethklok.
Anybody heard the album? It's pretty good for a fake band, sort of like a new take on Spinal Tap.


what? dude do you know whos the drummer in that band?

that fat fuck from Strapping Young Lad!

and the album itself is amazing! puts most of the emo stuff to shame! hell dare i say even some of the death metal today.


For a Free Scotland
I'm just going off of listening to Liquid Metal, XM 42. 80 percent of that is just roaring and chugging guitars. Yeah, I said it's very listenable for the genre, meaning it's near the summit of death metal music quality.


For a Free Scotland
Hmm, I wonder if Merc remembers pasteywhite, who quit over a death metal dispute...hmm.

Perhaps I just don't like the structure of it...I like melodic death metal, progressive metal, groove metal, symphonic metal, thrash, and regular heavy...sort of more harmonious genres, progressive and symphonic especially.


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I think it's an awesome album. Although I don't really consider them a fake band. They're still reputable musicians. Really the only thing different from them and real bands are the fact that they don't play shows. Great thread, btw!