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The Death Penalty, Nearing Its End


Registered Member
It's applied disproportionately to people who has the least power and/or money, and it has always existed with a great possibility that innocent people were being executed, actually more than a possibility. A probability.

It's just barbaric, in my opinion.


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Somewhat of an ironic double standard for a society to show it's wrong to kill by killing ...
And should a civilised, Christian country be executing people? It's not the Middle .Ages.

There are knee-jerk emotional reactions when a terrible crime is committed, but we shouldn't lose sight of our humanity and moral dignity.
And miscarriages of justice can and do happen


Registered Member
We're not a Christian country, thank God.

My brother in law, a public defender, could always talk me out of my support for the death penalty.

As a father, I can't easily see past how I would feel if it was my child that was the victim.

As a person with a heart, 1 innocent executed means the system is horribly wrong. Our system is horribly wrong. So I can't support it.