The Day a GFer...


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It's pretty simple you write in the following sentence

"The day [insert GF member here] does [action here] pigs will fly (or something to that effect)"


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The day Cons and Jeanie get married... well, even I can't try to guess what will happen on that day. :lol:


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The day Wade posts in the GF pic thread with an actual picture of himself, will probably the day Aleks will decide to never post another picture ever.


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I quote from The Book of Eeyun, Chapter 64:

1 A multitude of pregnant Yorkshire swine shall issue forth from mine unclean parts; yea, they shall circle the sun single file, lip-synching "Oh, Hosanna, now don't thee cry for me, I've gone to Californy with a banjo on my bacon" in the vacuum of space. They will later be seen ascending and descending over a pastoral half-acre pond, if anybody wants pictures. Yea, that shall be a weird sight.

2 And lo, these things shall come to pass on the day that Rebeccaaa loses Tucker as a friend. :comfort: So sayeth and emoticoneth the prophet Gaoler Ploppy.