The Darwin Awards


Film Elitist
For those of you who don't know what these are, they are the infamous awards that are received by people who do the uttermost stupid and "Why the fuck would you do that" acts and thereby "remove themselves from the gene pool."

I love reading these awards because it reminds me that there's always someone out there stupider than me. :D

What are some of your favorite awards, for those of you who do read them?

One of mine is the one about the JATO pack.

(I wonder if Inthenets against evolution, would he be against the awards?) :D


For a Free Scotland
I don't hate stupid people, they are sources of entertainment and valuable life lessons to would-be stupid people.

Personal favorite: three men playing russian roulette by downing a drink then stepping on a landmine in a bar. The bar was cleared, and shortly after...boom.