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The Darkness has arrived!


For the Horde!
Hey ,I'm Hanzo Hattori from Fusion Central!

I'm known as

691 on deviantART

691 on Furcadia

Bite as a Fursona

Hanzo as Internet nickname

bttr as my first and old user name on sites =D
And if someone I know is here they should know the other sites I go on XD

I'm Irish/15/Ireland >.>

I am a new meaning of random!

I love Canines,all types of music (except rap.hip-hop,dance),Samurai,Ninja,Swords,Anjiru Ookami(My fave artist who I know and love :D)

Hates: Guns,Cats,Animal abusers,Waking up early,World of War-craft,School,Pirates

I'm an ally with the Siths of Fusion Central

And I'm the Hanzo Hattori(The Leader Of The Iga Ninja Clan) from the game Samurai Warriors series(Based on RL Japanese history)

And I hope you have a good day :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Welcome, man.

Why can't everyone make an intro thread like that?
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