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The Dark Tower


Do What Thou Wilt
For school this year, I had to read Stephen King's The Gunslinger, the first book in the Dark Tower series. Well, I had read it previously, but I read it again anyways. And I fell in love with it all over again. I started reading the second book, The Drawing Of the Three, and I was thoroughly hooked.

The Dark Tower Series is so far brilliant. I just finished the third book, The Wastelands. It is brilliant. Truly brilliant, something that comes around once ina generation. it surpasses any book/series I've ever read, including books I loved as a kid, like the Inheritance Cycle, and Harry Potter. its just absolutely fantastic. Stephen King's work is nothing short of flawless, but this stands out. He brings out the terror he is well known for, but builds up the suspense so much better than any of his other works, with a fantastic plot, and incredibly detailed characters.

The Dark Tower is the story of the Roland Deschaine, last gunslinger (a wild west knight from a society that the "earth has left behind"), on a perilous quest to find the Dark Tower, a nexus of the universe that controls time, and, to answer his questions and (what i think) is to restore the balance of the world. I really can't much say anymore without spoiling the whole series.

I thoroughly suggest that you read it. You do not know Stephen King if you have not read this!


New Member
Although reading through all 7 of the Dark Tower books was a mammoth task, I would also urge others to do it too! :)

The Drawing of the Three was my favorite due to the visuals and magic of the 'doors', and the good thing about them is that they can all stand independently and be read as such, with just as much joy and intrigue as reading them as the entire epic story that they are. :)