Movies The Dark Knight Heading Back to Theaters in January


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Warner Brothers has officially confirmed that The Dark Knight will be re-released in theaters again next January just in time for the Oscars. "It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people." The film will return specifically to IMAX theaters for now and they're uncertain if it'll return to conventional theaters as well.

With The Dark Knight's current domestic box office total pushing $513 million, it's obvious that Warner Brothers wants to shoot for that $600 million mark in order to potentially beat Titanic. This re-release is also timed to tie in with the voting season for the Academy Awards, both to highlight the film during that time to remind voters and to capitalize on any buzz from nominations.

This should be great news for all those Dark Knight fans who can't wait to see it in glorious IMAX yet again, but here's where things get interesting. The film is actually due out on DVD in December, making this January re-release a much less valuable alternative.

Will there be enough interest in January to earn the film another $90 million to push it past Titanic? And is The Dark Knight worthy of additional nominations (e.g. Christopher Nolan for Directing) on top of Heath Ledger? I've heard that Warner Brothers is also considering re-releasing the film every year as an event. Seeing it in IMAX is unlike anything I've ever been able to repeat, so I might actually take advantage of this re-release in January myself.

We all knew this was coming, so I'm glad to see that WB is not afraid of the hype that this film still has. I'm sure it'll get at least one additional Oscar nomination which might just be enough to help it earn $90 million more.

Although in its current run, it only earned $55 million in IMAX total, and as of this moment, the January re-release is only being planned in IMAX theaters - which makes me believe that it'll be much harder to beat Titanic than originally thought.
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I only saw it once in theaters when it was originally released so I wouldn't doubt that I go an see it again.

So for the people who have seen it multiple times, will you go an see it again?
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There's a chance I'll go see it again in January, maybe as a birthday present to myself. I've only seen it twice, once at the midnight showing when it first came out, and once a week later in Imax. I'm definitely going to see it again when it arrives at the super cheap theater, since some of my friends missed it since they were working out at camp all summer. I'm tempted to see two showings in a row when it gets to the cheap theater, since it only costs $3, and it'd be cool to be able to say I did that.


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I'm actually kind of happy because I wanted to see it in IMAX really bad and never got the chance to.
I've seen it three times already. Maybe even four? Not sure. I don't think I'd go again though. Besides which, I'm not aware of an IMAX near here.


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I only saw it once in the theaters. Yes, I'm seeing it again.


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I didn't see it the first time and most likely won't see it the second time but I am fuming that they shut down our IMAX theatre. I had 8 free damn tickets to that place but they never put any movies there.


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I'll probably end up seeing it again. I personally don't believe it's going to beat Titanic, but it might get close.

What I'm really waiting for is for Dark Knight to come out on DVD, it's probably going to be very hard to get at first, but after a weeks or so, it should be fine.


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Cheap marketing ploy. I never saw it in the IMAX so I MIGHT see it again when it comes out for the 2nd time but it's not really that big of a deal for me.