The Contentious Ten 02.01.10: Hulk Hogan Matches


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#1 Wrestling - The Contentious Ten 02.01.10: Hulk Hogan Matches

Hulk Hogan always gets a bad rap for being a terrible wrestler, and I've said myself in the past. But I've also said that Hogan has put on some great matches. These matches that are listed are all very good, I totally agree with the number one match against Macho Man at Wrestlemania V, they could of easily gone with Ultimate Warrior as well.

Look at the matches against the Japanese wrestlers and you'll see that he could actually wrestle in the ring. His match against The Great Muta is great.



The Rock is cooking atm..
Of course he can wrestle, how anyone could even say that he can't wrestle is beyond me lol.

Some of the comments are pretty good.

"There was Austin, there was Rock, and now there is Cena, but no one could match the star power or impact that Hogan had on the industry"

Nice list overall, Mcmahons match was a bit of a surprise, but according to his criteria it deserved to be up there.