The Confederate Flag and it's appearance in the modern day

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by garzettpower, Mar 27, 2006.

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    For the life of me I CANNOT understand why the flag is still around. It is a remnant of an era that has passed away. That said, why are these flags displayed proudly in windows, on the backs of cars, and even in state flags? To me, the Confederate flag represents biggotry and a feeling of superiority, and not the equality that is idealized (but not yet realized) in modern day America. Is there anyone who can explain the maintained presence of the confederate flag to me? Does anyone else feel my sentiments?

    Please let us know where you are from in your first post so we can get some kind of perspective on this topic.

  2. Slavery was really not the main issue of the Civil War as it is, the South were VERY noble, and had GREAT leaders. Just to few men and resources to win the war. Most of the people that display these flags really do not have any prejudicial fews on other "races." They just fly them because they are proud they are from the South, it only represents bigotry to the ignorant who for some reason cant get over that African-Americans were slaves, at some point in time everyone one of our ancestors were slaves of someone, people just need to get over it. Slavery is RARELY about "race," it is about debt most often, or crime, as opposed to getting executed they become slaves, and it is a part of war.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Piccolo here.

    The confederate flag is a symbol of the South. The Civil War as is, was definatly not about Slavery (there was a bit of slavery in there) but really Lincoln threw that bit in there after the war had started, to help get more man power, and more resources flowing to the Union.

    Suprisingly enough for a while, the Confederate Army was beating the Union.  It was a political move by Lincoln, that proved very effective. Also it seems to be America's rallying call for the slavery movement as well. I'm not sure why its been put under the facade of slavery for so long, but if you look at the actual issues at hand it was more about commerce, politics, and different ideals.

    Plus the South were VERY noble in the war. You didn't see them burning down buildings and farms as they went. (Well not as much as the Union.) The South just has a bad rap in this entire thing, because they were the losers.

    The confederate flag is not disrespectful at all, its not celebrating bigotry, and its not a sign of defiance (it was for a while though.) Its just a celebration of their history.
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    A symbol is only as important as the feelings attached to it.

    To you, garzettpower, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism and bigotry. To some southerners, it's all about heritage. To me, well, I'm just a Dukes of Hazzard fan.

    Imagine history didn't happen like it did. No Slavery, Biggotry, and oppression. No Civil War, no hatred, just peace. Then the flag would be nothing more then a piece of clothe.
  5. Everyone seems to be spelling bigotry wrong, it does not have two g's. We do have a spell check here if people are worried about spelling mistakes.
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    Face it, the South still holds feelings about losing the Civil War. And my old history teacher (who was white) actually found out that her ancestor's where her best friends slaves (her friend was african-american, so basically, rich african americans also owned poor white slaves, it wasn't just one way)
  7. Like I was saying before, every body has had ancestors that have been slave, yet blacks are just more recent, and still complain about it, and ask for money, etc. When I am in Europe I should go ask Italy for money, and England for that they did to Irish and German people. Lmao or maybe even the Allies of World War II, as you can see the whole issue is pointless.
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    That incident I mentioned was in the U.S.
  9. Yeh I know that, and I was saying that people still complain here way to damn much, so when I go to Europe this summer I should complain to them.
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    I agree with people around me and the friends I've grown up with. Its not about Hate its about Heritage its always been that way around where I live. There are a few people who use it as a symbol of hate but the MAJORITY of the people who display it does NOT.

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